The world is full of doubts and China is busy in cleaning up time and again. Why did the administration of Wuhan city of China suddenly increase the death toll from Kovid-19 by 50 percent? This is the city from which the corona virus spread all over the world. According to new figures, a total of 3,869 people fell victim to this deadly virus, while the figure has now crossed 4,600 across China. Stating that there has been no compromise on transparency, Wuhan officials said the figures were increased because out-of-hospital deaths are now included. But these new figures gave a new sheet of doubt to those claims and counter-claims of China, Which he has been memorizing since the beginning of the epidemic. It is generally believed that the Communist Party of China (CCP) hid information and did not tell the truth about the death. The way the CCP acted to hide this catastrophe in the early days is the result of this epidemic now becoming so severe and killing a large number of people.
As a result, China and its alleged mismanagement are being tightened. US President Donald Trump has halted financial aid to the World Health Organization (WHO). Trump alleged that the organization not only made fatal mistakes, but also relied on China to be unreasonable. While Trump has been widely criticized for this, the global credibility of WHO has also been blunted by China’s blind support of the epidemic. President Trump’s attack on Beijing continues, and he considers every new information coming from there to be a result of taking a strict stance on China. The US is also investigating the source of the corona virus and is also trying to confirm unconfirmed reports that the virus originated from a laboratory in Wuhan rather than the market. The US state of Mizuri has sued China, taking unexpected steps and alleging that Beijing misinformed the world about the Corona virus,
We can of course consider this tension between the US and China as the sequel to the war of supremacy between the two major forces already released before the Kovid-19, but the stern response from Europe is an interesting development. Senior European politicians are now questioning China’s behavior and its policies. Unlike traditional trends, French President Emmanuel Macron made it clear that there can be no comparison in an open society like democracy and a society that suppresses the truth. Britain’s Foreign Minister Dominic Robb is also very vocal against China, saying that the world should ask Beijing for an answer to the difficult question of how the corona virus came to be and why it could not be prevented in the beginning? 
Europe has become assertive because the European Union could not handle the situation in nations like Italy and Spain. But China is also putting a dent in the unity of Europe. In fact, European governments failed to meet Italy’s Prime Minister Guisepe Conte’s medical device demand. Some countries, such as Germany, France and the Czech Republic, absolutely refused to provide emergency equipment and things to needy neighbors. While China is not only using this catastrophe to increase its geopolitical influence, it has even announced that it is going to resume work on the ‘Silk Road’ of healthcare. China has begun to expand its reach from Europe to Africa while providing medical supplies. Now that the West is divided and confined in itself, Then China is not holding back from expressing its leadership. It is also worth mentioning that in the last two decades, Chinese companies have invested heavily in European technology companies and acquired them. As such, there is a danger that the Kovid-19 pandemic and the economic crisis it causes may open up new possibilities for Chinese intervention in Europe. However, Europe is not unaware of this danger. The EU Competition Commissioner has recently said that European countries should increase shares in their companies to avoid this.
Apart from interfering in Europe, China is also working to increase its military aggression, and this is not hidden from anyone. He is intensifying troop movements in the South China Sea, threatening Taiwan, Japan and South Korea and also launching suspected nuclear activities. Clearly, his efforts to weaponize trade and health will have a profound impact on his acceptance as a global leader.
As such, nations around the world are naturally keeping a close watch on their global supply chain and trying to reduce their dependence on China’s economy. It is necessary for them to work together with countries of their own kind. They should not only move towards creating a new global supply chain, but also try to avoid the domination of China. Due to the irreparable loss of life and property due to Kovid-19, the Communist Party of China has been exposed. Hopefully, this threat from China will end soon.


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