Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has been attacking the Center’s Modi government every day , citing statistics on the situation of any relief being given in cases of falling GDP growth and Coronavirus (India Coronavirus Cases) . Last week, Rahul Gandhi has been constantly criticizing the Modi government for the data released by the International Monetary Fund to estimate GDP growth. He alleges that the inefficient policies of the government have worsened the condition of the country in both the situations.

In a tweet on Monday, Rahul again attacked the government with the IMF data. It shows the figure of 2020 GDP growth of many countries and deaths from Kovid-19 in comparison. Rahul wrote in his tweet, ‘How to ruin an economy with great speed and infect as many people as possible with Kovid’.

Bangladesh topped the list with 3.8% GDP growth and 34 kovid deaths per million. India is shown at the bottom with -10.3% GDP growth and 83 Kovid deaths. This IMF report said that in this financial year, India’s GDP growth has been predicted to fall by 10 percent, it has been said that India’s growth will be less than Bangladesh.

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Last week too, Rahul attacked the Center about this. He shared another chart on Friday, which said that in the next financial year, there will be a decline of 5 percent in Afghanistan’s GDP and a mere .40 percent in Pakistan’s GDP. Rahul wrote in the tweet, ‘Another tremendous achievement of the BJP government. Pakistan and Afghanistan also handled Kovid better than us.

Let me tell you that last week the IMF-World Economic Outlook (WEO) had released its report and said that India is moving towards becoming the third poorest country in South Asia. At the same time, according to the report, Pakistan and Nepal are only behind India in the estimation of total GDP, while countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Maldives are ahead of India. With this, the opposition party Congress continues to be an attacker on the Modi government.



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