RAISE 2020: AI based technology helps to provide immediate help in epidemic to poor and needy: PM Modi

RAISE 2020: AI based technology helps to provide immediate help in epidemic to poor and needy: PM Modi

RAISE 2020 (Responsible AI for Social Empowerment Sumit) Global Summit has started with PM Modi’s address. During this summit, PM Modi referred to India’s achievements in the direction of Artificial Intelligence. Also told about AI based project of India. PM Modi, Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani, Union IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad attended this Global Virtual Summit. At the same time, everyone kept speaking with order. Explain that the Responsible AI for Social Empowerment (RAISE 2020) virtual summit will start today i.e. October 5 (Monday) and will continue till October 9 (Friday). During this, several sessions will be held daily between 10:30 am and 9 pm. 

PM Modi’s address 

  • PM Modi said at the Global Virtual AI Summit RAISE 2020 that we launched RAISE 2020 for Youth programe in April this year. Under this program, more than 11,000 school children learned about the basic AI program. He is building an AI project. Also, we have created the National Educational Technology Forum, which will set up an e-education unit. This will develop digital infrastructure, digital content and capacity. 
  • According to PM Modi, the government will launch virtual labs for learners. Atal Innovation Mission will also be launched. Apart from this, the National Program on Artificial Intelligence will be launched by the government, which will help in solving social problems through AI. It will be implemented with the help of all the stake holders. PM Modi asked everyone to join this campaign. 
  • PM Modi said that we have realized today that technology strengthens transparency and service delivery. We have the world’s largest unique identification system Aadhar Card. Also, the innovative payment system UPI exists. 
  • Modi said that at present, India has a lot of contribution in knowledge and learning. India’s contribution in today’s IT era cannot be denied. He said that the world’s biggest tech leaders are from India. If PM Modi believes, India is on its way to becoming a global hub of AI.
  • PM Modi referred to the natural language processing based AI and its impact on India. He said that virtual labs are being built in India. If Modi believes, the path of business can be made easier with the help of AI. Also, urban infrastructure can be improved. Also with the help of AI can help in disaster management.  
  • PM Modi said that we have realized that with the help of technology, the needs of the poor can be easily transported. Also, with the help of technology, financial schemes can also be extended to poor sections. With the help of technology, every benefit has been provided by the Direct Benefit Scheme.  
  • India’s technology improvement has greatly helped the government and the common people during the Corona epidemic. We have managed to reach the needy people very fast. Our aim is to provide optical fiber network to every village, so that fast speed internet can be reached to every village. We are moving fast in this direction. India has recently brought out the National Education Policy 2020. In which the emphasis is on technology-based education. 

Data is the raw material for artificial intelligence

Speaking at the virtual conference RAISE 2020 held on Artificial Intelligence, Mukesh Ambani said that 5G is coming soon in India. India is in a position to gain a leading position in 5G technology. He said that fiber optics broadband is spreading rapidly in India. In such a situation, the period of digital revolution was said to be coming in India. He said that Intelligent.com is currently digital capital. According to Modi, raw material is the data for artificial intelligence.


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