Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said on Tuesday that the Rajasthan government will also bring a bill against the recently passed agricultural laws by the Center and for this a special session of the state assembly will be called soon. Was decided In this meeting chaired by Chief Minister Gehlot, the effects of three new laws made by the Central Government on the subjects related to farmers, the effects on the farmers of the state were discussed. According to the official statement issued after the meeting, the Council of Ministers decided in the interest of the farmers of the state that a special session of the Assembly should be convened soon to preserve the interests of the farmers.

Gehlot tweeted, “Today the Congress government of Punjab has passed bills against these laws and Rajasthan will do the same soon.” According to the statement, the Council of Ministers emphasized the imperative of procurement of crops at minimum support price gave. At the same time, the traders also discussed the restoration of the rights of the civil court for settlement of the farmers in case of dispute in the purchase of crop. The Council of Ministers is of the view that in such cases in Rajasthan, arrangements for settlement of crop purchase through Mandi Committee or civil court should remain intact.

The Council of Ministers recognized that the removal of the maximum limit of stock of various agricultural commodities under normal circumstances under the Essential Commodities Act after the implementation of the new agricultural laws, cannot be ruled out of increasing black marketing, unauthorized storage and prices. It was also discussed in the meeting that the provision of minimum support price in the contract farming act will be in the interest of the farmers of the state. The meeting also discussed the corona virus infection in the state and the management being done by the state government to deal with it. The Council of Ministers expressed satisfaction that the management of dealing with Corona virus in the state has been excellent. The Council of Ministers also decided that the mass movement against the corona virus should be extended for one month from October 31 and continue till November 30.

Meanwhile, Gehlot tweeted, “The Indian National Congress under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi stands firmly in favor of our Annadata farmers and our party will continue to oppose the anti-farmer laws that the NDA government has enacted.” Today, the Congress government of Punjab has passed bills against these laws and Rajasthan will do the same soon.


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