Till now, it was being said about Bihar Elections that there are three big parties here, out of which two are together, then they will win the elections. Like JDU and BJP (BJP), or last time JDU and RJD. But the way Chirag Paswan has shown his attitude in Bihar, Bihar’s election has become interesting. One, Chirag Paswan has announced to contest against JDU, denying the existence of Nitish Kumar. BJP’s strategy is also visible behind Chirag’s announcement.

BJP and JDU are fighting on equal seats this time. If we look at the figures of 2010, when BJP and JDU fought together then JDU fought on 141 seats and BJP on 102 seats. Then JDU had won 15 seats and BJP won 91 seats. Then in 2015 JDU, RJD and Congress fought elections together. While Paswan’s LJP was part of the NDA with the BJP. The LJP had contested 40 seats and won 2 seats. Now that Ram Vilas Paswan is in the hospital due to his declining health, the entire party is handed over to Chirag Paswan and is deciding the same strategy. In such a situation, the politics of Bihar has become hot, with Chirag Paswan saying that his alliance is with BJP and he will field his candidates against JDU candidates.

Chirag also knows that if he wants to expand his party in Bihar, he will have to play this bet and his strategy is very clear – stay with BJP and prepare yourself as an alternative to JDU. Chirag knows that Lalu Yadav, Ram Vilas Paswan and Nitish Kumar are playing their last innings in Bihar politics. Nitish Kumar will turn 70 next year. And if they do not remain as active for five years then what will be the future of JDU, it will be difficult to say. In the same way as people no longer remember the Samata Party. The problem is that Nitish Kumar has not yet announced his successor in JDU and neither is any member of his family in politics. On the other hand in the RJD, it has been decided that Tejashwi Yadav is the leader and is also leading the grand alliance. In this, the Congress and the Left have also considered Tejashwi as their leader. In such a situation Chirag must have felt that he does not want to be seen lagging among the young leaders in Bihar. This is the reason why Chirag also calls Tejashwi as his younger brother and also blesses the victorious bhava. JDU has gone through all these things exasperated.

JDU also feels that if Chirag Paswan fielded candidates against him and if he is even a little successful, JDU’s strike rate will be reduced. Then an uncomfortable situation will arise for Nitish Kumar that even if he is called Chief Minister or Good Governance Babu, his party can win fewer seats. However, BJP’s Sushil Modi has made it clear that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will win any number of seats in the NDA.

Those who monitor the politics of Bihar know that Nitish Kumar never took Chirag Paswan seriously except once when Chirag wrote a letter to Nitish Kumar in Sushant Singh Rajput case. For this reason Chirag sat irritated with Nitish Kumar. Chirag then wanted Nitish Kumar to create a common minimum program in which his vision of ‘Bihar First-Bihari First’ would also be added. Nitish was not ready for this. Chirag’s strategy is also clear, he will be able to make his party stand by standing for candidates in 141 seats. At least every booth in these seats will have their worker and the party structure will be erected. Which will be quite auspicious for the party. Due to all these reasons, Chirag had to come out of the shadow of JDU, in which Ram Vilas Paswan also agreed. Recently when Ram Vilas Paswan was asked that you see Chirag as the Chief Minister of Bihar? So their answer was that it should be every father’s dream. Now you must have guessed that there are many reasons behind this decision of Chirag which has forced him to fight against JDU.



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