Volunteers made a surprise discovery on a South Carolina beach Sunday. They found a rare white sea turtle (Rare White Sea Turtle). The Kiawa Island Turtle Patrol inspected the sea turtle’s nest on the seashore and saw a white turtle baby crawling in the sand. According to a Facebook page post from the city of Kiawah Island, Volunteers searching for the rare white sea turtle found it, which made them excited.

Town said, ‘You can’t believe how excited we are. Some students of the College of Charleston were surprised after discovering the white turtle. He was very happy to see the lystic hatchling. The baby turtle is believed to have a genetic condition called lucism, which reduces pigmentation in animals. This is different from albinism, which is a complete loss of pigment.

The city shared a picture of the turtle in its Facebook post, stating, “Lucism is a condition where pigmentation of animals is significantly lower. Lucism is different from albinism because albino animals have a complete loss of pigments, which makes them red or pink. Leaves completely white with eyes.

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This post has become quite viral on social media. This post has received more than 500 shares in three days. People are praising the turtle a lot. One user wrote, ‘It was fun to see, thanks for sharing.’

In animals with albinism or lucism, it is usually quite difficult to live in the forest. Their color is so effective that hunters easily find them.

This white sea turtle was not rescued, the city explained in the comments section. When a Facebook user asked if the leucolistic tortoise would be able to survive on its own, he replied: “Probably, but there are many big challenges.”



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