Mangal Pandey,I can understand that you will be busy in election work. You cannot take a policy decision because of the Election Commission, but your secretary, whose job is to see the problems of the students, should have done this work, or should have communicated with the students and told them. I do not know the favor of the officers of the Health Department, but the medical students feel that they should be relieved.

Every medical student has to study post graduation. Like many states, Bihar also has a rule that the state government will have to serve for three years. After studying post graduation, students have to take a course of super specialty. Only then can the doctor call himself a cardiologist or neurologist. According to the rule of your state, no doctor will be able to study this study because the rule itself is bizarre.

There is a rule in many states that if the post graduation student gets admission in the Superspeciality course then he will study first and then fulfill the condition of service of the state government. But in Bihar, the rule is that the state will first serve the government and after three years, it will do a course of super specialty. Why is this? While the Health Minister, you could not yet know how difficult it is to get admission in the course of Super Specialty? This year, very few doctors have been able to qualify but the Bihar government is not allowing them to take admission. Is it true that your principal secretary did not even listen to the doctors as I have been told?

October 15 is the last date for nomination. There will not be even a dozen doctors who have been admitted to the Super Specialty course. Can the Bihar government not give them relief? On one side there are no doctors in the state, on the other hand the rules will be so adverse to become doctors, then what will happen to the medical system in this state? Can you not allow post-graduate doctors to take a super specialty course first? Wouldn’t it be better for the patients that after three years of service in the state government, they will be able to take care of the patients with more skill.

Students are writing to me from there for this matter. is peculiar. Hope you find time to talk to medical students about this.



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