During the Bihar Assembly Election 2020 , there has been a sharp response from BJP sources to the crowd that is gathering in the meetings of RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav that this happens every time but these crowds do not turn into votes. BJP sources said that earlier there was a crowd in Laluji’s meetings. The main reason for this is RJD’s strong MY ie Muslim Yadav vote bank. This vote bank is outspoken and mobilized. For RJD, this crowd will also be converted into votes. It is natural for such a crowd to gather in the areas of RJD domination but after PM Modi’s public meetings, the electoral atmosphere of Bihar will change.

According to BJP sources, the joint meetings of PM and CM will show the unity and strength of NDA. According to sources, the main reason for RJD’s good performance in 2015 was the addition of Nitish Kumar’s Dalit and Backward Classes in the MY equation. This is not the case this time. Forward castes, Dalits and backward castes will be with NDA.

Ground Report: Political dominance of ‘Lal Kothi’ at stake in triangular contest on Jamui seat

According to BJP sources, public awareness on the issue of employment is natural. This issue will be answered. According to sources, Nitish government has taken large steps for the migrant workers, so the resentment is wrong. According to sources, after fifteen years of Nitish’s rule, people will get the benefit of natural boredom but optionlessness. According to BJP sources, LJP President Chirag Paswan is no factor in this election.



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