There is a competition among mobile companies to become number one in the Indian market. Chinese mobile companies have been dominating for the last few years. But this time in India, the Korean mobile company Samsung has defeated the Chinese companies and has taken back its old place. Samsung has become the number one company after almost two years. The company has sold the most handsets in the Indian mobile market.

According to the report of Tech Site Business Insight left behind Chinese company Xiaomi , Samsung has performed well in the second quarter of this year in the Indian market. Samsung has now captured 24 percent of the market in India. While the Chinese company selling cheap handsets Xiaomi has come second. Chinese company Xiaomi occupies 23 percent of the market in India.

Samsung’s new policy came, work experts say that Samsung has worked hard to regain its leadership in the Indian market. The company put more emphasis on its online cell during the lockdown. Also, the company paid a lot of attention to budget smartphones in view of the Indian market.

It is noteworthy that boycott of Chinese products in the Indian market has also proved to be helpful for Samsung after the dispute on the India-China border. The company has also taken great advantage of this special time.


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