Samsung Great Offer Free Opportunity To Get These Smartphones Including Galaxy Fold

Samsung Great Offer Free Opportunity To Get These Smartphones Including Galaxy Fold

Samsung has announced the Home Festive Home offer, which will offer a chance to purchase Samsung’s select QLED 8K and QLED TVs, SpaceMax Family Hub Refrigerators at a cashback of up to Rs 20,000 and easy EMI of Rs 990. There will be a chance to get Galaxy Fold, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy Note 10 lite, Galaxy A31 and Galaxy A21 for free on purchase of QLED 8K Smart TV. Samsung’s superb finance scheme will be in force till November 20, 2020.


During this offer, customers will get a chance to get Samsung’s flagship foldable smartphone Galaxy fold for free by purchasing 85 inch (216 cm), 82 inch (207 cm) and 75 inch (189 cm) models of Samsung QLED 8K TV. At the same time, buying Galaxy S20 Ultra, 55 inch QLED and 65 inch UHD models, Galaxy A21S and buying 65 inch QLED, QLED 8K TV and 70 inch and above crystal 4K UHD TV, Galaxy A31 on buying 75 inch and above QLED TV. Will have a chance to do. Along with a 3-year warranty on the TV panel, a one-year extended warranty is also being offered for one dollar and a 10-year no screen burn-in warranty can also be found on QLED TVs.

The refrigerator 

There will be a chance to get the Galaxy Note10 lite for free on the purchase of the Samsung SpaceMax Family Hub refrigerator. Customers are being offered a cashback of up to 15 percent on the purchase of the fridge. Also, 10 years warranty will be given on the compressor of all refrigerators.

Washing machine 

Samsung washing machine and washer dryer models are getting up to 15 percent cashback. Fully automatic front load and Fully automatic top load washing machines can get 15 percent cashback on purchase. Samsung customer will have the option to buy the washing machine at an initial EMI of Rs 990. 

air conditioner 

Customers will get up to 20 percent cashback on Samsung’s wind-free AC and an initial EMI option of Rs 990. Also, a 5-year warranty on the condenser and PCB controller warranty will be given in the convertible range models.

Microwave oven 

Cashback offer and EMI option of up to Rs 6,000 is being given to the customer buying selected models of Samsung Smart Oven.  


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