Sapota (Chiku) 19 Benefits Uses And Side Effects
Sapota (Chiku) 19 Benefits Uses And Side Effects

Each fruit has its own distinct characteristic and taste, due to which it is liked. Sapota, which is the name of Chiku, is also included in such fruits. This fruit has a different sweetness as well as many such qualities, which can help in keeping the body healthy. Not only this fruit, but various parts of its tree have been used for a long time to avoid health problems and to relieve their symptoms. This is why we are talking about Chiku in detail in this article of Stylecrase. Here you will know about the advantages and uses of Chiku as well as its disadvantages. Keep in mind that Chiku can be alternatively helpful in preventing and reducing its effects rather than treating the diseases mentioned in the article.
Let us know directly about the benefits of Chiku.

Benefits of Sapota (Chiku)

Chiku is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, so this fruit can be beneficial for health as well as skin and hair. We will discuss the benefits of chiku in detail later in the article. During this time we will talk about the quality of Chiku, which can have positive effects on skin and hair along with physical health. Note that there are benefits of eating chiku, in addition to this, chiku leaves, roots and tree bark are also very useful, which can be used for health benefits ( 1 ). These are explained in detail below.

First we will talk about the health benefits of Chiku, after that we will discuss the health of skin and hair.

Benefits of Chiku for Health

1. Weight Control:

Excess of weight is becoming common due to decrease in physical activity . In this case, Chiku can help. Actually, consuming chiku can indirectly help in losing weight. According to research conducted by an international journal (International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition), chiku fruit can regulate the secretion of gastric enzymes, which can further control metabolism ( 1 ). At the moment, intensive research is needed to properly know the effects of chiku on the weight control process .

2. Cancer:

For a long time research was being done about whether or not Chiku has cancer properties. According to recent research, Chiku has been found to have anti-cancer properties. According to a related research, methanolic extracts of chiku have been found to prevent cancer tumors from growing. According to research, the life of those who consumed it increased by 3 times as compared to mice who did not consume chiku and the rate of growth of tumor was also found to be slow ( 2 ). At the same time, extracts of chiku and its flowers have been found to be helpful in preventing the growth of breast cancer cells ( 3 ). At the moment, further research is needed to know its effects on humans. The thing to note here is that cancer is a serious disease and it is necessary to contact a doctor for its treatment. If someone is suffering from cancer, it is a good decision to prioritize medical treatment over home remedies.

3. Energy:

Chiku fruit is considered a good source of energy. Especially the Chiku Fruit Bar. Actually, the carbohydrates present in it can work to give energy to the body. In addition, chiku also contains sucrose and fructose natural sugar, which are considered beneficial in providing energy to the body. This is the reason why it is considered a natural energy booster, which can be used throughout the day to stay energetic (  ).

4. Benefits of Chiku for Healthy Bones:

Calcium, phosphorus and iron are considered important nutrients for bone strength. In such a situation, it can benefit by making Chiku Haddi full of these three nutrients. Chiku also contains a quantity of copper, which is necessary for bones, connective tissue and muscles. Copper can work to reduce osteoporosis (osteoporosis), muscle weakness, loss of strength, and apprehension of weak joints. Copper, as well as the manganese, zinc, and calcium present in it, can help protect against bone loss due to aging ( 1 ).

5. Immunity:

The benefits of chiku also include increasing immunity. According to research done on Sapota by Guru Jambheshwar University Haryana, Vitamin-C present in it can help the body to protect and fight against bacterial infections by improving the body’s immunity ( ). May also be beneficial in improving immunity due to weakening ( 1 ).

6. Pregnancy:

There are many fruits which can be beneficial to consume during pregnancy, one of those fruits is Chiku. Chiku is considered highly beneficial for pregnant and lactating mothers due to its high intake of many essential nutrients like carbohydrates, natural sugar, vitamin-C. It can help to reduce the weakness of pregnancy and other symptoms of pregnancy such as nausea and dizziness. Also, the nutrients like iron and folate present in chiku can be beneficial in protecting against the risk of anemia during pregnancy. In addition, chiku also contains magnesium, which is believed to be helpful in controlling blood pressure levels ( ).

7. Digestion and Constipation:

Fiber is essential for improving digestion. Fiber can help digest the foods present in the body as well as flush out the waste material through the faeces. Sapodila ie chiku also contains fiber, so digestion is also believed to be one of the benefits of eating chiku. The fiber present in it acts as laxative, which helps the stool easily come out of the anus and can relieve constipation problem . Diarrhea can also be cured by boiling Chiku fruit in water and drinking it. At the same time, the tannins present in chiku act like AT-inflammatory. This effect can help reduce digestive system problems such as esophagitis, inflammation in the small intestine (enteritis), irritable bowel syndrome (intestinal disorders), abdominal pain, and gas problems. ( 1 ).

8. Blood pressure:

The magnesium present in the sapota keeps the blood vessels moving. In addition, the potassium present in chiku can help control blood pressure. Blood pressure can be controlled by boiling chiku daily and drinking its water ( 1 ).

9. Tooth cavity:

Cavity in teeth has become quite common, due to which bacteria ( 6 ) are important . Chiku can help deal with this problem. Indeed, the anti-bacterial properties present in chiku can be beneficial here, which can help fight and protect against harmful bacteria. Also, research done on this suggests that latex (a kind of gum) found in Sapodilla (Chiku) fruit can also be used to fill the cavities of teeth. In addition, the vitamin-A oral cavity present in chiku may help prevent cancer ( 1 ).

10. Benefits of Chiku for Kidney Stone:

Kidney stones can be the problem due to wrong eating and lifestyle. Sapota means Chiku can help to avoid this problem. To protect against kidney stone and to reduce its symptoms, grinding seeds of chiku fruit and drinking with water is considered beneficial. Actually, it has diuretic ie diuretic properties. This property is believed to help the stone present in the kidney through urine ( 1 ).

11. Cold and Cold:

The benefits of chiku also include prevention of cough. It can help relieve chest tightness and chronic phlegm by removing the phlegm and mucus from the nasal passage and respiratory tract ( 1 ). According to a research published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information, in the traditional system of treatment, sapodilla ie chiku leaves have also been used for cold and cough ( 7 ). In such a situation, it is believed that boiling its leaves and drinking its water can relieve cold and cough. However, it is not clear which chemical compound present in Sapota and its leaves helps in relieving colds. By the way, it also exhibits anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties ( 1 ). These properties may help in some degree to prevent colds.

12. Benefits of eating chiku for the brain:

Chiku can help keep the mind healthy. It is believed that it can calm the nerves of the brain and help reduce stress. Apart from this, people undergoing sleeplessness, depression and anxiety are also advised to take Sapodila. Actually, the iron present in sapota helps in transporting sufficient amount of oxygen to the brain. Oxygen is very important for the brain. This ensures good brain function. In addition, iron deficiency also affects the brain. Its deficiency leads to restlessness, irritability and loss of concentration. Therefore, it can be believed that the use of chiku can help to maintain brain health ( 1 ).

13. Anti-inflammatory:

Chiku acts as an anti-inflammatory agent due to the high amount of tannins. It can help in relieving intestinal problems, inflammation and pain ( 1 ). This effect can help in reducing the problem of swelling and edema from any part of the body. In addition, it may also prove beneficial in relieving and preventing other diseases related to inflammation ( 7 ). Diseases caused by inflammation include arthritis, lupus (when the immune system itself destroys healthy cells, affecting the joints, kidneys, heart and many parts), multiple sclerosis (brain and spinal cord) Incapacitation). ( 8 ).

After the benefits of health related chiku, learn about its skin related benefits.

Benefits of Sapota for Skin

The benefits of eating chiku are due to the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants present in it. Above, we have told about the properties of chiku as well as many health benefits from eating it. Now if we do not talk about the skin benefits of Chiku, then this article will probably be incomplete. This is why we are going to explain in detail the benefits of skin related chiku below.

1. Skin Health:

Chiku is good for skin health. It is believed that the vitamins E, A and C present in it can help in making the skin healthy. Indeed, the moisturizing properties present in it can help in keeping the skin safe from harshness ( 5 ). Other benefits of chiku for the skin are described below.

2. Wrinkles and anti-aging:

Wrinkles are considered a sign of aging. Many times wrinkles start on the face due to not taking care of the skin. This is the reason why people use many types of anti-aging creams . Chiku can serve as a beneficial option when it comes to home remedies. Indeed, it contains anti-oxidant effects as well as polyphenol and flavonoid compounds, which may help reduce wrinkles ( 5 ).

3. Wart and fungal infection:

Chiku has anti-fungal properties. It is believed that with the help of this property, it can help reduce fungal infections in the skin. Also, the milky substance (milk) coming out of the chiku tree can be helpful in preventing and reducing fungal infections. In addition, it can also serve as a remedy to reduce the warts on the skin . However, it is not clear which properties in it are beneficial for warts ( 5 ).
After knowing about the benefits of chiku for health and skin, let’s take a look at its potential hair benefits.

Benefits of Chiku for Hair

Nutritious sapota, ie chiku, is used to thicken hair and improve its quality. We will explain in detail below how it contributes to improving hair condition.

1. Hair Growth:

Chiku is also considered beneficial for hair growth. Actually, this fruit is rich in vitamins-A, E and C ( 5 ). Vitamin-A helps in making oily substance called sebum of skin gland. This sebum can help keep hair healthy and growth by moisturizing scalp ( 9 ). Lack of vitamin A in the body can also cause alopecia, ie hair loss ( 10 ). Also, this problem is also caused by excess of Vitamin-A. In addition, vitamin-E and vitamin-C protect the body from free-radical damage, which also causes hair loss ( 11 ). At the same time, chiku seed oil can help prevent hair loss caused by seborrheic dermatitis (scalp related disease) ( 5 ).

2. Make hair soft:

The oil extracted from Sapota seeds is believed to help in softening the hair by moisturizing the scalp. They become easier to handle when the hair is soft ( 5 ). Chiku seeds can be used directly in hair. The paste of its seeds mixed with castor oil can be used as a hair mask. After applying this mixture on the scalp, hair should be shampooed after a few hours.

3. Dandruff:

Chiku can be beneficial in reducing dandruff. Indeed, the polyphenolic compound present in chiku fruit exhibits anti-fungal properties ( 12 ). Anti-fungal properties may help reduce dandruff ( 13 ). At the same time, anti-inflammatory properties may prove beneficial in reducing the itching caused by dandruff ( 1 ).

Nutritional value of Chiku – Sapota Nutritional Value

The body gets the benefits of chiku only due to the nutrients present in it. This is the reason why we are further describing all the nutrients present in Chiku ( 14 ).

water78 g
Energy83 kcal
Protein0.44 g
Total fat1.1 g
Carbohydrate19.96 g
Fiber5.3 g
Calcium21 mg
Iron0.8 mg
Magnesium12 mg
Phosphorus12 mg
Potassium193 mg
Sodium12 mg
Zinc0.1 mg
vitamin C14.7 mg
Niacin0.2 mg
Follett, Total14 µg
Choline34.4 mg
Vitamin A, RAE3 µg
Vitamin A, IU60 IU

Now we are explaining how Chiku can be used. After this, we will know in detail about the harm of eating chiku.

How to use Sapota (Chiku)

After knowing the benefits of Chiku, it is also important to know the different methods of its use. Chiku can be used to reap the health benefits of chiku in this way (  ).

  • Chiku can be eaten like normal fruit.
  • It can also be included in fruit salad.
  • Chiku can also be consumed by making a shake.
  • Chiku can also be used to make ice cream.
  • It can also be eaten by making fruit bars.
  • Its pudding is also made.
  • It is also used as jam and jam.
  • Sweet sauce can also be made from chiku.

After knowing the use of Chiku, it is important to be aware of its loss. Let’s take a look at the pitfalls of eating chiku.

Disadvantages of Chiku

There are no such side effects of eating fully cooked chiku. Yes, if someone consumes raw chiku or properly cooked chiku, then the loss of chiku can be faced. These disadvantages are as follows ( 5 ) ( 16 ).

  • Eating raw chiku fruit can cause bitter taste in the mouth. This is due to the high amount of latex and tannin present in it.
  • Can cause ulcers in the mouth.
  • This can cause itchy throat.
  • Indigestion problem may occur.
  • Consuming chiku grounded seeds can cause abdominal pain. Because, it contains sapotin and sapotinin chemical.
  • Eating chiku leaves can cause diarrhea and mild itching on the skin. Actually, it contains saponin, which causes diarrhea and skin irritation.

We hope that through this article you have got information about the benefits of eating chiku and the benefits of its various parts. Just keep taking it in moderate amounts for health benefits. Just avoid consuming raw fruit. Also, if someone has any serious disease or problem, use Chiku on the advice of a doctor. Whether this article related to Sapota i.e. Chiku was beneficial for you or not, let us know through the comment box. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions related to the benefits, use of Chiku, then you can also reach them.


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