A picture of a seagull carrying a disposable face mask (Seagull Carrying Discarded Face Mask) has raised people’s concerns. The demand for face masks has skyrocketed amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, joining step by step with several countries. In this heart-wrenching picture taken in the United Kingdom, a bird is seen walking with a face mask on its beak. According to Burnham and Hybrid Weekly News , the picture was taken in the city of Weston-super-Mer (coronavirus pandemic).

52-year-old Nick, a resident of the town, was going by bicycle when he saw Seagull walking on the seashore with a face mask. He said, ‘I was passing by the sea near the bicycle, then I saw the seagull. I see that a lot of used masks are lying here.

He said, ‘I took some pictures and then I saw a seagull, which was moving with the help of mask beak. She was very young. I got very upset on seeing this.

This town is popular for holiday destinations. According to local people, a lot of people come here. But masks and PPE kits leave here.

The picture was shared on Twitter by businessman Dhanraj Nathwani and Indian Forest Service officer Sushant Nanda. Sharing this, Nathwani wrote, ‘This picture sends a strong message to us that how much we need to handle our biovest responsibly. We have to pay attention to the fact that throwing masks in the open will contaminate water and soil.

IFS Sushant Nanda also requested people to take care in disposing of their personal protective equipment …

Face masks have emerged as an important weapon in the fight against coronovirus, but many concerns have been raised about the proper disposal of millions of discarded masks. South Essex Wildlife Hospital told the BBC that “Now face masks are mandatory for many situations. But throwing it out in the open will harm animals and birds.”



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