Shaheer Sheikh engaged to girlfriend Ruchika Kapoor, see first picture

There have been reports about TV actors Shaheer Sheikh and Ruchikaa Kapoor for the past several days that the two may soon get married. In media reports, it was being claimed that Shaheer Sheikh and Ruchika Kapoor are preparing to be tied for 7 births later this year. Shaheer Sheikh and Ruchika Kapoor were quiet amidst the news spreading in the media and their fans were constantly questioning them. Also Read – Diwali 2020: Festive looks of these handsome muons of TV including Shoaib Ibrahim, Partha Samthan and Sharad Malhotra looted the crowd, see photos

After seeing the excitement of the fans, Shaheer Sheikh has finally announced that he has engaged with Ruchika Kapoor. Shaheer Sheikh has shared a picture on his Instagram account, in which Ruchika Kapoor is seen laughing and has an engagement ring in her hand. In this picture only the hand of Shaheer Sheikh is visible, which is in the hand of Ruchika Kapoor. Shaheer Sheikh shared this picture on Instagram and wrote, ‘Tu Hansdi Rave …. I am excited to spend my whole life with you.’

According to media reports, Shaheer Sekh and Ruchika Kapoor will get married by the end of this month. After this, both of them will give a small party for the family. Due to Corona, not many people will be able to attend Shaheer and Ruchika’s wedding. Shaheer and Ruchika’s family will invite their close friends to the party. Also Read – Shaheer Sheikh to climb horse in the month of November? Ruchika Kapoor will take 7 rounds on this date

For those who do not know, let us tell that Shaheer Sheikh and Ruchika Kapoor have been dating for the last one year. After this, both of them have decided to get married. Congratulations to Shaheer Sheikh and Ruchika Kapoor on behalf of Bollywood Life. Also Read – Ekta Kapoor’s firm friend is Ruchika Kapoor, the bride of Shaheer Sheikh, has a deep bond with Balaji Films


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