Many controversies have arisen over Salman Khan’s controversial show ‘Bigg Boss 14’. The show has not been completed even for 1 month, and since then, there have been controversies related to the contestants associated with this show. At the end of the first week, Sara Gurpal was shown the way out. After which many people had heard the makers fiercely. At the same time, Shahzad Deol has also been eliminated this week. Shahzad’s Eviction has also broken the audience’s heart. At the same time, Shahzad Deol also feels that he has not been well with him.

After being homeless from home, Shehzad Deol has expressed her point on Instagram. Shahzad Deol says, ‘I feel that this game could have been right. I feel that two were on the way. But my journey is over very quickly. I have got so much love from you all in this journey. I know that if all this was on you, I would be inside the house today. But now that is what it is. So there is no thaw, life is never fair. It was also supposed to happen. But I promise you that I will always entertain you guys. Your Punjab da Munda… Shehzad Deol…. ‘ Also Read – Bigg Boss 14: Sara Gurpal angry at being homeless from Shahzad Deol’s house, told Elimination ‘Unfair’

While everyone is surprised by Shahzad’s eviction, Sara Gurpal has also put forth his point. Sara Gurpal believes that Shahzad Deol was more talented than him. Sara Gurpal says, “I am not happy if this is true.” I think Shehzad deserves to live there. Removing them in this way is not the right decision. Also Read – Bigg Boss 14 Promo: Pavitra Punia, who will forget her love in the Captaincy Task and shower on Ejaz Khan.

Sara Gurpal has further said, ‘I have to ask, what is Jaan doing there? Can anyone tell me what they are doing? What has he been doing since day one? I see that the audience is asking many questions about Nishant and him. Chalo Nishant did something in this week too when he performed in the task. How can they exclude such a person? Who really deserves to live there. ‘ Also Read – ‘Bigg Boss 14’ got first captain of the house, Nikki Tamboli will cry tears after hearing name



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