Today is the 203rd birth anniversary of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. Sir Syed was born on 17 October 1817 in Delhi. The birth anniversary of Sir Syed is also special this year because this year the Aligarh Muslim University established by Sir Syed will also complete its hundred years. The school that Sir Syed had established in 1875 took the form of Aligarh Muslim University in 1920.

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– Akbar Allahabad

“Sir Syed has been an educationist, social reformer, journalist and historian, and has been the founder of many institutions that advance the work of nation building,” says Atif Hanif, a student from Aligarh Muslim University. He carried this thinking forward through his writing. In Uttar Pradesh itself, he started many institutions. He has truly contributed to the making of modern India.

Hanif says, “Aligarh movement started inspired by Sir Syed. Which includes promotion of education, social reform, religious awareness. It is not limited to Aligarh University alone. The special thing is that Sir Syed considered education more than anything else. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi itself, Sir Syed was a prophet of education. ”

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was an advocate of social harmony. He believed that Hindus and Muslims are like two eyes of a bride. According to Allama Iqbal, Sir Syed was the first Indian Muslim who tried to understand new aspects of Islam.

Lala Lajpat Rai said about Sir Syed, “Since childhood I was taught to respect Sir Syed and his words. He was no less than any prophet of the 19th century. “Significantly, the birth anniversary of Sir Syed is also celebrated as Sir Syed Day.



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