Today is the festival of union. Color by color, emotion by emotion and heart by heart. No other festival is as common at such levels. In today’s time, when differences arise between people on small matters and the mole becomes a palm, the tendency of lovingly connecting all the people, sections of society makes the festival of Holi special. How nice it is that people color each other, sit and sing together and feed and feed themselves together.

From an artist’s perspective, song-music and dance have a special relationship with Holi. We have Holi Thumri, Holi Dhrupad and Holi songs. Every year I organize a Holi meet with family, neighborhood and relatives at my home. On this occasion, special care is taken that chemical dyes should not be used. Holi is celebrated with dance, song and music only by applying sandalwood and natural colors. Between the songs, the special dish of this festival, Gujhiya and other dishes also go on, but this time due to Corona virus, we have to cancel this program as a precaution.

I love Holi of Benares. It is famous all over the world. Thousands of people from India and abroad come to see Holi here. On the day of Holi, people are seen singing and playing Holi at every ghat, temple, street, street, square. Chilling is done in public at the square. Cannabis is also found in many places. The circles of singing Holi sing Holi while boating in the Ganges. This walk from one ghat to another continues throughout the day. This scene of fun really captivates the mind. This image of Holi with singing is delightful. Anyone who has seen this Holi of Benaras cannot forget this city of Bholenath. 

I have also seen Holi of Mathura and Vrindavan. Lathmar Holi is very attractive. Raas Leela dance is organized in this place throughout the region. The women play the Lattmar Holi with the men by forming herds. It is also a symbol of the love of Radha and Krishna. Note that the Holi of Vrindavan is different from the whole country in the sense that it is still traditionally played there. I remember, in my childhood, one day before Holi in Vrindavan, I used to bring lots of Tesu flowers and soak them in a big pot filled with water. By morning, the water used to be bright colored, and with the same colored water we used to play Holi, sprinkling it on each other. Gulab was made by squeezing flower juices in arrowroot. Round revenge, trend revenge and the appearance of this festival also changed. Today no one even knows what are the flowers of Tesu? When playing Holi with natural colors, there was never any possibility of spoiling eyes, face and hair.

Nowadays, people play Holi in the city with chemical mixed color, and from the evening many people start seeking doctors for the problem of eyes and skin, it is better that we give each other sandalwood vaccine on Holi. I am quite afraid of such colors, so I favor the traditional form of Holi. That is, the use of natural colors with simplicity, decency. Its traditional message is becoming secondary to misuse, and market pressure is dominating it.

Holi is a festival of love, but western cuisine, lifestyle, lifestyle has particularly influenced the festivity of urban people. This is the reason for the variety of diseases spreading today. The new generation is forgetting the dignity of their traditional food, manner, mutual relations under the influence of modernity and Western lifestyle. This is the root of the stupidity seen in Holi these days. Pornography is being recognized in place of laughter. The Netflix era has made it exciting for the youngsters, the words that people used to use in a slow voice even in deserted places! There is a fear that a liberal festival like Holi may not get a bad eye of the market.

The festival of Holi comes at Vela, the departure of spring and the arrival of summer season. The influx of new crops in farmers’ homes adds to its happiness. That is why special dishes are made in different parts of the country on this occasion. But the trend of adulteration and profiteering has started to fade the color of our festivals. At the time of big festival like Holi-Diwali, sweets without any adulteration are difficult to find in the market. There are big social motives behind our festivals. Newly married brides, small children used to play Holi with Pichkari. Earlier it was made of bamboo. The economy of an entire community was attached to it. But children of the cities nowadays play Holi by filling them in balloons. Sometimes it also causes accidents. We had another beautiful tradition associated with Holi. If there is a new daughter-in-law in the village, So on this day, elderly women of the neighborhood used to come to bless him. Holi is a festival of sweetness in relationships, there is a great need to protect it from coercion, vulgarity, and vulgarity, so that its beauty remains intact. Holi is filled with fun and drunkenness because everyone participates in it without any distinction.


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