As the number of Covid-19 patients increases, India has taken more precautionary measures to combat the corona virus. Exactly an assessment of how serious the danger is is not possible. No such calculation can be made, as the spread of this virus depends on many factors. For example, how many people are returning from the affected areas or countries, or how many people are getting mixed with the people around them. Then, it is also important to know how quickly the infected person was provided treatment as soon as the infection is identified.

In terms of these factors, the steps being taken in India to stop Covid-19 are sufficient. Not much can be expected right now. The Director of Emergency Medical Relief (EMR) and Airport Health Officer (AHO) of Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi) are also stating that the countries previously affected by Covid-19 are China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore. Only travelers coming from Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia etc. were being investigated, but now all international travelers are being screened.

This investigation is being carried out at the ‘bridge’ of airplanes or any other fixed location. It also does not take long, because the declaration filled by people in the past gives information about where they are coming from and whether they have any symptoms of the flu.

The symptoms of the corona virus may not be able to escape even if an infected patient is not caught up in the screening process due to the initial onset or because of filing false information in the declaration. Under the ‘Integrated Disease Surveillance Program’ (IDSP), records of all the passengers coming from outside are recorded to find out where the person is (if infected and left at the airport for investigation). The The IDSP project was being planned while I was serving in the Ministry of Health.

The good thing is that today it is working successfully and electronically infected person is being identified.

The real difficulty comes when the person left out of the screening comes in contact with many people. There is no fixed system for identifying those people. Since it can take up to 14 days for the corona virus to become infected and the symptoms of infection to emerge, only the infected person can tell who they were in contact with during these 14 days. This is the only way through which this virus can spread rapidly, because every person has a different lifestyle. However, considering the data, the infection rate of Covid-19 is lower than other diseases like SARS, which is a matter of relief.

Doctors and scientists believe that Covid-19 is a disease like influenza. Obviously, the same measures to avoid it are the same as those which prevent influenza. Washing hands with frequent soap, using tissue paper while coughing or sneezing etc. The same general measures of prevention are being adopted in this disease, which are adopted in other influenza. But this trend is being seen in the country that people have started making many jokes or memes on Covid-19. They are also being circulated on social media in abundance.

Such actions undermine our fight against the corona virus as a citizen. From this it seems that even the educated section of the country has become insensitive to this infectious disease. It is as if he is assuming that Covid-19 will be countered like a normal flu. This is a wrong thinking.

We will succeed against Covid-19 only when awareness of this virus reaches every person at the margins of society. Special efforts are needed to spread public awareness. In the national capital Delhi itself, there are many areas which are relatively backward. People living there do not even realize to what extent this virus can be dangerous. Its information should reach all of them. In this, it is more effective through media to make people aware of each other. So instead of playing with jokes and memes, if knowledgeable people make their family, community and society aware of this virus, then we will be able to see more effective results. But in this process also it has to be kept in mind that there should not be panic in the country. Such a situation can spoil the situation.

At the government level, all efforts are being made to spread awareness. The media is also constantly being informed of the situation. But if the government arranges to address the reporters on a fixed time every day, then the worries of the people will be reduced considerably. In this daily press conference, information about all the steps being taken by the country should be shared and how the country is fighting Covid-19. This will satisfy the common people thinking that every day work is being done against this disease in the country.

One good thing is that an equal review meeting is being held at the Prime Minister’s level. The health minister is also constantly monitoring the situation. Therefore, it cannot be said that there is any negligence from somewhere. If we talk about modern health equipment, then there is no shortage of any kind. All kinds of needs of hospitals are being met. So do not fear unnecessarily, if you see any symptoms related to the flu, then immediately go to the hospital. Awareness is the cure for this disease.


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