After a long wait of seven years, Nirbhaya finally got justice on Friday morning. Now his soul must be feeling relieved. This is the happy ending of Nirbhaya’s parents’ struggle. The hanging of the perpetrators of that heinous crime must have calmed the resentment of those who were agitated by the 2012 barbaric incident. This would also put an end to the discontent that is developing in the civil society’s judicial system. This hanging is a lesson for those with a mindset of this kind of cruelty. They must have realized that they may have to pay the price of this crime for their lives. However, this is also the time to seek answers to many questions. After all, why are such incidents increasing in society? That too when we have moved from being a developing to a developed country. Are we able to stop such crimes as responsible citizens? One side of the debate should also be whether this crime can be stopped with just a strict sentence.

It is certain that even today, in our society, there is no seriousness towards the identity of women. The violence against them, especially in public places, testifies to this. One reason for the rise of incidents like rape is that people of distorted mindset are unable to tolerate the freedom and confidence of women. They want to instill fear in their minds at any cost. Women are merely consumption items in their eyes. Such harsh punishment cannot arise in the minds of such people. 

This does not mean that we do not need strict law. We really have to think socially. There is a need to create such a social environment today that there is no such suffering. And this is possible only when women are actually given equal status. Society has to show caution towards giving them equal opportunities. This initiative can begin with the family. Despite all the claims, violence against women continues in the homes. It needs to be shut down immediately. It should be the responsibility of the parents or elders of the household to give equal opportunities to the sons and daughters of the family – whether it is in the case of education, property or any other matter. All kinds of rights should be given to girls. This effort, starting with family, will have to be extended to other corners of school and society.

There is a need to take some steps at the level of policy-makers too. There are many laws in the country which discriminate against women, but they are maintained in the name of religion or religion. All these laws should be abolished and ensure that democratic law has access to every citizen of the country. The convicts of Nirbhaya were hanged, but what should not be an immediate hearing on all the rape and torture cases pending in the court? The number of such cases in itself is about one lakh 17 thousand.

If seen, the real victory of justice will be only when the victim and her family who have gone through these incidents do not have to be tortured much through the court. The happy side of the Nirbhaya case was that a large number of people took to the streets demanding justice. Nevertheless, it took more than seven years to reach the end. In such a situation, how long will justice be given to those poor girls or girls from disadvantaged groups whose case is still pending in the courts? Isn’t it a matter of debate why they have not got justice so far?

Another debate should also be on the nature of punishment. The maximum age imprisonment could be punished if proved a crime in a rape case. After the Nirbhaya case, the death sentence was fixed in the case of rape of a minor, making the legal provisions strict. But is there also a crisis of democratic state to protect the right to life of its citizens or its violation? While hanging has been accepted as a politically strict punishment, it is important to debate whether hanging is a solution because all progressive countries no longer justify their right to take life?

In Canada, forced marriage by a wife after marriage is also categorized as rape, and if the wife complains, the husband may be punished by law. The question is whether the existence of women in our country can be respected to such an extent? And if the maximum punishment for rape is fixed, is it possible that the maximum punishment to be heard in courts is 1.17 lakh pending cases related to sexual violence against women, because just two percent means to sentence It is, the hanging of more than two thousand criminals, and the time taken to transport the criminals to the crucifix has become well known. Obviously, the maximum punishment for rapists should be hanging or life-long imprisonment or other way of improving them – hanging of Nirbhaya convicts is demanding a strong debate on this too.


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