Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has emerged as a messiah for the people in the Corona era. He brought people home in bad times. Sonu Sood has also given jobs to many people. Along with this, they are constantly connected to people through Twitter. People in the country and abroad have praised him for this service. Not only this, many people also demanded Sonu Sood to get Bharat Ratna. Some such people have thanked Sonu Sood by putting idol pandal in Kolkata.

Statue of Sonu Sood placed in Durga Puja pandal

A Durga Puja committee in Kolkata has installed a statue of Sonu Sood in its puja pandal. By doing this people are giving them the status of God. The name of the puja committee, which holds the idol pandal, is Prafulla Kannan Welfare Association. These people have kept the theme of their pandal as ‘migrant laborers’. In their pandals, these people also respected Sonu Sood.

Committee member Srinjoy Dutta told the news agency ANI that the statue of actor Sonu Sood was installed so that people could take inspiration from them. Also, like Sonu Sood, more people came forward to help the needy people.

Sonu Sood gave his reaction on this step of Reaction Committee. He tweeted and said, ‘My biggest award so far.’ People are giving a lot of feedback on this actor’s tweet. Sonu Sood’s fans are very happy about this.


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