While playing Steve Waugh , he was for Australia, but when it came to capturing cricket on camera, he chose India where the sport is considered a religion. Whether he was playing cricket by monks in the foothills of the Himalayas or a handicapped player swimming in the air like ninja warriors to catch the ball, Waugh found a way to live a cricketing life in India.

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The former Australia captain saw people playing cricket from beaches to deserts and mountains. On the dusty ground in Mumbai’s famous Azad Maidan, youngsters carrying some new dreams, bat and ball, also influenced Waugh. Abc Waugh said about Azad Maidan, ‘That place is made for cricket and I like that. They are amazing, they float in the air like ninja warriors. ‘

Waugh, who captured the camera in the camera during his many visits to the crazy country of India, has now given the shape of the book, titled ‘The Spirit of Cricket-India’. More than 70 Waugh photographs will be exhibited in Sydney later this month. He said, ‘India did not just give me the memories of my age, it showed me life changing moments. The purpose of this book is to find out why cricket is religion in India.

Waugh circled India holding a camera in hand for 18 days. He went from the streets of Mumbai to Jodhpur. When he covered the streets of Kolkata, he also went on a tour of the desert and high Himalayas of Rajasthan. A documentary has also been prepared on his tour, titled ‘Capturing Cricket’. It will be broadcast on ABC on November 17.

Talking about cricket in India, Waugh said, ‘It is difficult to underestimate cricket in a country like India. There are 80 crore people living below the poverty line, but cricket gives them a chance to connect with something special. This is a game that does not require a lot of money. I mean to say that for cricket it is often said that you only need bat and ball to play.



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