Suhana Khan (daughter of Shah Rukh Khan), the King of Bollywood, always remains in the headlines for her style. His photo or video is fiercely viral on social media. Even after being away from the film world, Suhana Khan always remains in the discussion about her style. Recently, he has shared some of his pictures supporting Kolkata Knight Riders, in which his cute and glamorous look is worth seeing. These pictures of Suhana Khan are also becoming very viral on social media, as well as people are not tired of praising their look.

Suhana Khan is seen in a white t-shirt in one of her pictures, which also has a batch of Kolkata Knight Riders. Suhana Khan’s glamorous look looks quite awesome in the photo. Apart from this, she shared another picture, in which she was seen with her father Shahrukh Khan. The second picture of Suhana is from her childhood, where she is seen with father Shahrukh Khan. Suhana Khan’s look in the photo is being liked by the people. Sharing this, he wrote, “That tension … since 2008 …”

Let us know that earlier some pictures and videos of Suhana Khan were also viral, in which she was seen supporting Kolkata Knight Riders. Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter is known for her glamorous style and dressing sense. Suhana Khan was studying in the US, but due to the ongoing lockdown due to coronavirus, she is with her family in Mumbai. Regarding the Bollywood career of Suhana Khan Photos, Shah Rukh Khan himself said that she can enter the film world only after completing her studies


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