Tech Guide: All keyboards have 12 function keys, know which buttons from F1 to F12 are used?

A full-size keyboard has keys ranging from 101 to 105. However, the number of these keys is becoming less in compact systems or laptops. No matter how small the keyboard, there is definitely a function key with alphabet. These 12 functions range from Key F1 to F12. We are telling you about the work of these function keys.

Keyboard function key detail

F1: When the computer is turned on, pressing this button reaches the system setup. Boot processes or other settings can be changed from here.

F2: With the help of this key you can rename any file. The special thing is that if you want to name the same number of files, then you can change the name by selecting it and pressing it. Pressing this key in Microsoft Word can see the print preview of the file.

F3: In Windows, the search box is opened using this key. That is, you can search any file or folder. In MS DOS, the previously typed command is typed again upon pressing it.

F4: Pressing this key in Microsoft Word repeats the previous work, as if the word you typed earlier will be redone, the word that is bolded will be redone.

F5: Refreshes the computer. This causes the file to auto arrange. Pressing it in PowerPoint starts the slide show.

F6: Pressing this causes the contents of the open folders to appear in Windows. Control + Shift + F6 is used to view multiple documents open in Microsoft Word one by one.

F7: If you type anything in Microsoft Word after pressing this key, then the spelling of that word will be checked.

F8: This key is used to select text in Microsoft Word.

F9: This key is used to send or receive e-mail in Microsoft Outlook. In many laptops, the brightness of the screen can also be controlled with its help.

F10: Working in any software, the menu opens as soon as you press this key. Apart from this, when pressing F10 with Shift, it works as a right click of the mouse.

F11: This key is used for full screen view in Internet browsers.

F12: Pressing this key in Microsoft Word opens the option of Savs As. Pressing F12 with Shift saves the Microsoft file.

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