Tech News Know About Top 10 Emerging Technologies Of 2019

Many such technologies have been introduced in the technology sector which are capable of changing the picture of the future. Many technologies can be introduced in the coming times, from social robots to safe nuclear reactors, which will be of immense use to users in the future. According to a new report by the World Economic Forum (WEF), some of the better innovations can affect the global social and economic system. “Technology plays an important role in finding solutions to problems ranging from climate change to income inequality , ” said WEF Chief Technology Officer Jeremy Jurgans . WEF has listed the top 10 emerging technologies in the year 2019.

  1. Bioplastics: Less than 15 percent of the plastic in the world is recycled. The rest are left as is. For this, scientists have brought a solution of biodegradable plastic. No material is used in this. It is made from cellulose or lignin of a bad part of plants.
  2. Social robots: Currently robots can be used to recognize voice, face, emotions. If we talk about social robots, we have started using them in our daily life. Through these, teaching the child, taking care of the elderly, many other tasks have become very easy.
  3. Metalenses: The making of lenses used in any mobile phone, computer and other electronic devices is much greater than the technology capabilities of normal glass cutting and glass curving techniques. In such a situation, it can be said that these small, thin, flat lenses can replace any existing glass lenses. Physics has become so advanced that it is now easier to make a choice of any lens or to make it smaller. These are called Metalenses.
  4. Disordered proteins: Such proteins can cause other diseases including cancer. Unlike traditional proteins, they lack a rigid structure. This changes the shape and makes it very difficult to treat disease. In such a situation, scientists have found a way to treat it. These can be very useful in curing illness for any patient.
  5. Smarter fertilizers: Recently some improvements have been made in fertilizers. Under this, fertilizers release nutrients slowly when needed. However, these still include ammonia, urea, and potash which harm the environment. The new fertilizers use more eco-friendly nitrogen and microorganisms than before, which is extremely good for plants.
  6. Collaborative telepresence: We have all heard about augment reality and virtual reality. But if they are mixed. Just think that you are sitting in a video conference room and you are not only able to see each other but can also join hands. With the mix of augment reality, virtual reality, 5G networks and advanced sensors, you will be able to talk to each other and join hands. Not only this, doctors will be able to work remotely with their patients through this technique.
  7. Advanced food tracking and packaging: Every year around 600 million people eat spoiled or contaminated food. In such a situation, it has become extremely important that it be traced to the source. The work which used to take weeks earlier can now be done in a few minutes. It is easy to monitor the progress of any food item through a fly check. At the same time, the sensors in the packaging indicate when the food is going to spoil.
  8. Safer nuclear reactors: Although nuclear power does not make carbon dioxide. But the reactors that come with it come with a safety risk that can overheat the fuel rod, and if mixed with water, they can form hydrogen and burst. But new fuel systems that are emerging have less heat. If too much is made, then hydrogen is produced. In this case, it can replace the new configuration fuel rods.
  9. DNA data storage: Our data storage systems use a lot of energy. They also cannot store a large amount of data. In such a situation, DNA based data storage is being created. This computer is a low-energy alternative to hard-drives. Their capacity is very high. It is estimated that all the world’s one-year data can be stored in a DNA cube with only one square meter.
  10. Utility-scale storage of renewable energy: It is difficult to store energy without sun and wind. Lithium-ion batteries will outpace storage technologies in the coming decade. Up to 8 hours of energy can be stored in such batteries. This is so that high demand can be met.


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