Due to Covid-19, the form of international diplomacy is changing along with the domestic preferences of the countries. On the global diplomacy front, America’s sting has been ringing more or less since the Cold War. He is considered the almighty country of the world and has been able to change global politics. But now, just as public healthcare is going to be firmly involved in the priority of many countries, there can be many ups and downs in international forums. It is possible that in the coming days, countries like India will appear in a new leadership role. The question arises that what is the reason for this speculation?
Actually, till now it has been believed that all things in America are excessive. But the new corona virus has exposed it, especially on the healthcare front. The way in which the spread of this infection is increasing and the scale on which people are dying is alarming as well as shocking. This is because US healthcare ranks first in the Global Health Index. Clearly, the corona virus crisis is a sign that despite all the amenities, there are many shortcomings in the US regarding public health. Now there will be an attempt to remove them. In addition, the demand for social security will also increase there. There has already been a problem of unemployment, which may deepen in the coming days. The natural pressure will be on the US President to overcome these domestic problems.
Of course, the US has a special emphasis on military, space science or new technology, but it is also true that the preparations it made to avoid the biological epidemic remained in the air. As such, the US will review its policies again. ‘America First’ has been his top priority in the matter of business, so he can now be seen working under the same policy regarding the prevention of biological epidemics. It is possible that in order to retain his leadership role, he should pay more attention to robotics and artificial intelligence.
Similarly, China’s global role may also change in the coming days. Beijing was moving fast on its Belt Road Initiative (BRI) these days. But the trend so far is that in countries where BRI projects were being worked out, there has been more infection of Covid-19. This has given a big push to these projects. Since the spread of the virus began when China was engulfed in the New Year’s reception, when people returned to their workplace by celebrating the New Year, they also brought the Corona virus with them. As a result, the countries which are closer to China, there have been more infections of the virus. Now it is also seen that after winning its war of corona virus, the quality of the countries to which China sent medical equipment was up to 40% poor. Many European countries have openly expressed their displeasure over this. This may also put confidence in China’s products in the future.
Talking about South Asia, the Pakistani strategy may have a long-term impact on the region. Basically, Pakistan is working on a strategy to keep its infected patients in PoK (Pak Occupied Kashmir) and Gilgit-Baltistan. Since the people of these areas have been opposing China’s projects and due to this they have been angry with the Pakistani rulers, so Islamabad’s move forward on its strategy may negatively affect the geopolitics of the South Asian region.
Clearly, in the coming days, all sectors such as Belt Road Initiative, Global Communication, Aviation, Port Industry are going to get a big push. Especially the crisis of the tourism industry will remain for a long time. The appearance of the hotel industry can also change. It is quite possible that in the coming days, tourists should remain in isolation in the order of travel or carry their security equipment along. In such a situation, there will be challenges and opportunities for India.
At present, the top priority of the Government of India is to defeat Covid-19. But the manner in which the workers from the metros started moving towards their villages in the beginning of the lockdown, in view of this, a new policy has to be made here on social security. The government will have to do special work to end the agrarian crisis. You will have to make suitable arrangements to use rural labor in villages or nearby cities. Similarly, there will be a need to work on the strength of educational institutions. There are challenges of healthcare.
Speaking of opportunity, India can fill the void created in global diplomacy. We are also ready for this. We are at the forefront of software development. It can be used in your own interest. It will be beneficial for us to move forward in robotics and artificial intelligence. Similarly, recently our government took a good initiative to connect the heads of government of SAARC member countries with video conferencing. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also showed his global leadership potential at the G-20 meeting and called for Corona to turn the war into a global battle. This is the reason that many countries of the world have started talking about India’s leadership role in the new globalization. We are in better shape than many countries in terms of public healthcare. There is no shortage of doctors in the country, there is a need, So just to give them good facilities. If the central government is able to do something concrete in this direction, then all the countries of the world will give India’s approval in terms of healthcare.


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