New Delhi: Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to the street vendors of Uttar Pradesh who have benefited under the PM Swanidhi scheme. In this discussion through video conferencing, PM Modi appreciated his sense of honesty and said that the poor never compromises with honesty and self-respect and today the entire nation is honoring their labor.

PM Modi said that the scamsters tried to break the head of the poor by dishonesty and they had made such a wind that if they give loan to the poor, then the money will not be returned, but they have got the answer Who used to ridicule the poor for connecting them to banking. The Prime Minister interacted with Preeti of Agra, Arvind Maurya of Varanasi and Vijay Bahadur of Lucknow through video conferencing and inquired about their problems in the Corona period and the benefits of the PM Swanidhi scheme.

‘Big role in your economy’ 

The Prime Minister said that the whole country respects your labor. He said that in such a large population, street vendors meet the needs of people and are playing a big role in the economy of the country. He lauded the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, and said that Uttar Pradesh is on top in the PM Swadhini Yojana across the country. 

The Prime Minister said that 25 lakh applications have been received in this scheme and more than 12 lakh have been approved. PM Modi said that six and a half lakh applications came only from Uttar Pradesh, in which twenty-four lakh have been approved. The Prime Minister also praised the bank workers for the success of this scheme. 

Debt paid on time will be exempt

PM Modi exhorted the beneficiaries and told that there will be a rebate of seven percent interest on repayment of loans on time and 100 rupees per month will be available as cashback in digital transactions. In addition to instructing to be careful in the Corona period, he also said that I get satisfaction after seeing happiness on your faces.

PM spoke openly to the beneficiaries

The Prime Minister spoke to Preeti, the beneficiary of Swanidhi Yojana, and inquired about her business. Preeti told that earlier they used to sell vegetables, but when the disaster of Corona came, you supported the drowning by straws. Got a loan of ten thousand rupees, bought a fruit cart. Arvind Maurya of Varanasi informed about his campaign to sell momos and coffee and to make people aware of Corona.

Modi told Arvind Maurya that the people of Benaras like momos a lot but no momos feeds me. He himself said that security people do not let me eat anything without tasting it. Vijay Bahadur of Lucknow told about the sale of Liya chana by putting a pork and the attraction of children towards him. Modi also took information about his business from Vijay Bahadur. In his address, he praised these operations. 


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