For many travelers, standing and walking with wild animals can be a fantastic experience. Swimming with dolphins is a good experience for travelers. Swim with dolphins at many places. In the Bahamas, you can dive in the sea with wild boars, and if you are in Malaysia, you can go swimming with sea turtles. But swimming with crocodiles? It sounds very scary to listen to. Because crocodiles are not exactly known for their polite or playful nature.

A man landed in the river to swim with the crocodile. Initially, he was swimming with him in fun. But its end was quite frightening. A video that has gone viral on social media shows a man floating in the water with two crocodiles. He was holding a fish in one of his hands. The video was reportedly filmed in Florida.

Initially, when he lands in water, crocodiles come around him. When a crocodile came close to him, he smiled. But in a few seconds his smile turned into a scream. The crocodile opened its jaw and tried to attack it. On seeing this, he screamed and immediately came out of the water.

The video was shared on Instagram by music artist Tunde Adnut, who captioned it, “Are you crazy?” It was also posted on Twitter, where it has garnered one million views.

The video was shared on October 13, which has so far garnered 1 million views. Also, more than 2 thousand likes and more than 600 re-tweets have been done. Many people criticized the person very much. One user wrote, ‘Don’t you know how dangerous crocodiles are. Why did you go swimming with them.



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