Two major parties of the country such as Corporate have become embroiled in war. They are trying to take the best fighters of the front in their court. The influx in Jyotiraditya Scindia’s BJP camp is a living example of this. First talk of Bharatiya Janata Party. It is fitting that the Narendra Modi-led saffron party and its allies won the May 2019 elections in full glory, but before and after Shakun did not do well. The process of slipping from Karnataka started to reach Delhi. During this time, an old ally like Shiv Sena collapsed. Uddhav Thackeray joined hands with arch-rivals like Congress and Nationalist Congress. This unthinkable fact was tarnishing the Vijaygatha of May 2019. 

Meanwhile, the Indian economy suffered a major setback due to all the domestic and foreign reasons, but without getting desperate, the Central Government removed Article 370 from Kashmir and also succeeded in enacting the Citizenship Amendment Act. Meanwhile, the judgment given by the High Court on the Ram temple was in favor of the temple seekers. All these factors created an atmosphere of communal tension in the country. People took to the streets under the pretext of citizenship law. Communal violence erupted in Delhi when US President Donald Trump was visiting India as a special guest of the Prime Minister. 

Obviously, the government urgently needed to improve its image. It was also necessary to show that the invincible element of the Modi-Shah duo remains intact. Jyotiraditya Scindia, the most attractive personality of the Congress, seems to meet these objectives urgently in the BJP. Scindia is a grassroots leader. Shortly before this, more than 20 MLAs revolted, including half a dozen ministers. So far, Kamal Nath, who has managed even the adverse circumstances, is trying to save the government with his newly formed Hamraha Digvijay Singh. Whether the government will fall or not, it will be known next week, but it is certain that the ruling house of Bhopal has lost its Iqbal and the governments run with Iqbal.

No wonder, in the coming days, the young faces of Congress and some other parties appeared in the Bharatiya Janata Party. One reason for believing this is that the elderly leaders of the oldest political party of the country are sitting in the fascination of the state even at the age of retirement. On the day people were flocking to Bhopal for Scindia, former Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda was pressurizing the high command that his son be given a Rajya Sabha ticket in place of Kumari Selja. He was also successful. No wonder, now, if the BJP tries to bring Shailaja into its court. She is educated and comes from a Dalit family. If Congress has a tota of Dalit leaders, the BJP also feels the same lack.

Why only Shailaja? During the last Lok Sabha election, a rumor had erupted that Jitin Prasad may ‘join’ the Bharatiya Janata Party in Uttar Pradesh. Meanwhile, Milind Deora in Maharashtra and Navjot Singh Sidhu in Punjab are also going through a period of discontent and disregard. I am not saying that these leaders are going to join the BJP, but after the departure of Jyotiraditya Scindia, such questions are flying in the air. There are a large number of young dissidents in the Congress. The leadership has to focus on them.

Is the Congress in this mood? does not seem to be so. The wheel of time seems to have turned upside down. In 1967, when the young leaders were getting organized under Indira Gandhi, the Congress was decisively divided. Many stalwarts like Morarji Desai, Nijalingappa, Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, K Kamaraj were in the Congress (O). It was followed by Congress (I) ie Congress (Indira). The new Congress had dusted off the old men.

In those days, Indira Gandhi was fifty years old. Today Rahul Gandhi is 49 years old. Instead of taking iron from the front like his grandmother, he left the field after the 2019 debacle. However, the Congress was in power in six states and around 12 crore people voted for the party in the Lok Sabha elections. His exodus quickly led to a duel between the old versus the new within the Congress, and in which the lottery was handed over to the elders. Should have the opposite. The reason? Ashok Gehlot was doing politics in Delhi, while Sachin Pilot was throwing sand of the state president Rajasthan. Similarly, Jyotiraditya Scindia was fighting the battle of the farmers of Mandsaur and Kamal Nath was seen completing quorum by attending select meetings. The results were positive in both states. The public hoped that Pilot and Scindia would be the Chief Minister, but what happened was in front of everyone. The current fragmentation has been reinforced by such decisions.

It is certain that the Congress, run by the Nehru-Gandhi family, will have to muster the courage to take tough decisions. They have to admit that their popularity of universal popularity is falling apart and in such a situation, the old warlords have got involved in recovering their profits including Sud. They have to overcome this. In front of them is a party with every possible effort to convert defeat into victory. It is also important to note here that the Bharatiya Janata Party is busy in bringing its competitors into its fold by making its stance flexible. This will improve the image of the party, while the next generation of leaders will be removed. In contrast, the Congress is unable to keep even its trusted people with them. It is time for the Congress high command to consider its policy. Will they be able to do this? 


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