This 36 year old woman fulfilled her dream in lockdown due to technology and fast network

Brand Desk. The one who truly transforms the difficult time into an opportunity is truly a Karmayogi. Something similar happened during the lockdown. Even after the work was stopped, people did not lose their courage, instead they embodied their skills and created new records. The 36-year-old Sunita, who lives in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi, was a housewife only 6 months ago, but today she is a housewife as well as runs her own online catering business. Due to his ability, this business has become very popular in Laxmi Nagar. However, technology and Airtel ‘s fast network were also the main contributors in making this business a success .

Gave the form of business to talent

Actually, Sunita has magic in her hand. Whatever dishes she cooks, it is full of flavor. And many times she has heard the praise of her talent from her family, friends and relatives. Sunita wanted to give this ability to cook as a business, but she was not getting the opportunity. The lockdown gave him this opportunity. He decided to start an online catering business, in which the family gave him full support.

Help from technology and fast network

Sunita made a list of things that would be needed to start an online catering business. The first requirement was the app and its design. The second biggest need is the Internet, so that this online business can run smoothly without any problems. He ordered to make the app and design. So right there, chose Airtel for Fast Network .

Sunita had understood long ago why online business is especially important for online catering business. Whether it is about the rapid opening of the app or the need of internet to contact the customers. Apart from this, it is very important to have a fast network in the phone for tracking orders, receiving feedback etc. So Sunita decided to choose Airtel .

Face challenges

However, in the initial two months, Sunita faced many challenges in running her business. For example, there was a problem of money, lack of information about online business and lockdown. But Sunita did not look back. She continued to do her work. They got money from one or two places. In addition, along with YouTube and other experts, he got complete information about online catering business. Gradually, his business started to grow.

In the area where Sunita lives, thousands of students from small cities prepare for CA. This was a positive thing for his business. This helped his business very quickly. Everyone became obsessed with the taste of the food they had made. Sunita’s business has been flourishing for the last 4 months, but she wants to take it further. Due to less space in the house, they have taken a shop in their neighborhood. He is also joined by 3 people, who help him. In this way, Sunita today not only feeds people tasty food due to her catering business, but is also providing employment


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