Two days ago, OTT was watching the four-year-old film Kapoor & Sons on the platform. One of the characters in the crowd of young hero-heroines who has become the most comfortable and beloved is that of Grandpa Amarjeet. Rishi Kapoor had fun with the payments, the seriousness, the newness and much more that he had been wanting to do for years.  
It is from 1989. Director Yash Chopra was going to play his wager on a romantic theme after delivering unsuccessful films one after the other. The film’s hero was his favorite Rishi Kapoor. The interesting thing was that like Yash Chopra in those days, Rishi Kapoor’s stars were also in trouble. Salman Khan, Aamir Khan had knocked in films. Govinda, Anil Kapoor, Jackie Shroff and Mithun Chakraborty pushed back seventies chocolates boy and romantic romantic hero Rishi Kapoor somewhere.
Rishi Kapoor was somewhat nervous during the interview that day. The heroine was also unclear about her role in the pivotal film Chandni. During the interview, when I told him that our generation had learned the meaning of romance by watching his movies, he was a bit soft. This was also true. He was the most captivating and happy hero of our time, whose films used to be drawn in love away from the violence and violence of that era. Hearing this, his face sometimes blossomed like Sunny Boy Vicky. Then he said something thinking, ‘Now I want to get out of this circle of romantic hero.’ Moonlight was successful. But the credit goes to Sridevi, the heroine of the film. In the subsequent films, Rishi Kapoor was seen repeating himself constantly. 
They met again two years later on the set of Hina. He was again in his favorite arena with Pakistani actress Jeba Bakhtiar, not wanting to give up his romance and romance. This time he looked comfortable than before. He no longer looked like a chocolate boy. Talking about video piracy, new stars and the changing culture of films, he had said, ‘If someone in the industry lasts eight-ten years, this is a big thing. I have fulfilled my quota. ‘
Hina was directed by her brother Randhir Kapoor. Rishi Kapoor had said, ‘If I had my control, I would have been a director instead of an actor. But there was pressure on me. After the failure of my name Joker, I saw my father breaking mentally and financially disintegrating. Film making is a very difficult game. Acting is easier than
Rishi Kapoor also believed that if he had not been the spectacle-o-lamp of the Kapoor family, he might not have got so many opportunities and such a long career. He complained that he was not able to experiment with his role like other actors. And only a few years later, when he got a chance to experiment and change his image, he backed down. Actually, Yash Chopra, the role of Shah Rukh Khan in the film Der, was first offered to Rishi Kapoor. But at that time he was not ready for the challenges and it was he who proposed his co-hero Shah Rukh Khan’s name for this role.
In the waning industry of the nineties, the triumph of the Khan trio began. In this phase, Amitabh Bachchan also had to take a pose and mold himself according to the new era. Meanwhile, Rishi Kapoor also tried his hand at film-direction by making Aa Ab Laut Chalen. But after failing this examination, he found that the direction was not just for him. The roles being written for actors of his age were of old fashion. He was getting bored with his roles. It was more bold and bold than ever before. You would say in the conversation that after reaching this age, you are not afraid of anything. It was this boldness that probably made his second innings bang. In the eighties remake of Agneepath (2012), a new character was written for him, Rauf Lala. Very dark character. Earlier, Rishi Kapoor dreaded, Did not play the role of Satan and negative humans. He topped the Agnipath ordeal. It was not an innocent and cheerful Chocletti hero of the seventies and eighties. This face was that of a pure artist. Taped by experience and entertained with skill. 
After the success of this film, Rishi Kapoor played many different roles. D Day’s Iqbal Seth, a married broker of pure desi romance, Goyal, a 75-year-old scared son of 102 Not Out, Murad Ali Mohammed, fighting for his community in the country. His second innings was more colorful and powerful than the first. In one of his interviews, he had said, “Now I feel that I am an actor, not a star.” Indeed, there was no one other than him who played such diverse roles in the Kapoor family.
He never suppressed his brashness. He believed in maintaining an image of larger than life. Costumes and style statement jackets were also purchased for his films. Rishi Kapoor also used to openly say that he bought the Best Actor Award for a Bobby film for 30 thousand rupees. He used to speak and narrate perfectly. His tweets were sometimes shocking, and controversial. He did not care about all this. 
Rishi Kapoor, who lived life to the fullest and was enjoying every moment, kept on laughing and laughing at the doctors and nurses of the hospital. Like the grandfather of Kapoor & Sons. His father Raj Kapoor said fifty years ago in Mera Naam Joker – The Show Must Go On. The son truly made this sutra sentence. For the last nearly two years, he has never had a disappointing tweet or message while battling cancer. Returned from the US after treatment last September, then will keep working, saying I will not stop. He also started doing this.


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