This year mobile phone exports amounted to 11.10 thousand crores

India’s mobile phone exports are steadily growing. According to a recent study, India’s mobile phone exports in 2020 are estimated to record the highest ever shipment of $ 1.5 billion (i.e. Rs 1110 crore) by value, of which 98% will be smartphones.

A total of 1.28 crore mobile phones were exported by September 2020.

  • According to research firm TechArc, a total of 1.28 crore mobile phones were exported to India from January to September 2020. Out of this, 1.09 crore were smartphones.
  • It said that Samsung leads the way in exports with 16.6 million units, of which 98 million were smartphones only and the rest feature phones.
  • This is followed by Xiaomi, which had 6 lakh smartphones and Lava had only 2 lakh smartphones. Other smartphone exporters in the top-5 are Vivo and OnePlus.

India is currently exporting to 24 countries

  • Faizal Kavosa, founder and principal analyst at TechArc, said, “Today, India is exporting to 24 countries, some of which are re-exporting them, such as the UAE, which provides smartphones made in India to millions of users from other markets. is.”
  • The UAE, the US, Russia, South Africa and Italy are among the top-5 destinations where India’s handsets are exported.
  • He said that the recently announced Production-Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme, which was approved in favor of 16 electronics companies, including 10 mobile handset manufacturers, would further strengthen India’s position in the global mobile market and allow India to move towards mobile production. Will praise the manufacturers’ goal to create a global hub.

Covid-19 had a severe impact on exports

  • The Kovid-19 had a severe impact on exports, when the figure of exports fell from 74 lakh units in the January-March period to 1.2 million units in the April-June quarter. The report said that for the July-September quarter, exports stood at 42 lakh units, indicating recovery due to restoration of supply chain and logistics and resumption of work in Indian factories.
  • ET had reported in its report that India’s handset production is close to last year’s production, which was Rs 2.14 lakh crore despite 45 days of shutdown in factories. Exports are increasing as companies approved by PLI increase production to meet export targets


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