The old saying is, ‘Winners do not lose control in times of crisis’. In these foggy days of the Corona outbreak, such sutra sentences are remembered intermittently. Looking at the events of the last week, one of the facts, which is becoming more vocal, is that as this war intensified, our political parties also united with the exception of a few. One state left no stone unturned in adopting the exact solutions of the other states and the Center also avoided discriminating openly in the matter of opening the bag. Prime Minister Narendra Modi consulted all the Chief Ministers thrice during this time, discussed with the opposition leaders and tried to take everyone along. Apart from Mamata Banerjee, almost everyone gave the indication of consent during this time. As a result, today the entire country is fighting unitedly with Corona.

Has India moved towards a healthy federal system of governance, where different states, despite being self-centered, forge points of equality? For example, Odisha decided that the lockdown was to continue till 30 April. Punjab did not hesitate to follow him. Many states including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand have expressed their intention to increase the lockdown. According to a study, if the lockdown had not been done in time, by April 15, the number of corona patients in India would have been eight lakh and twenty thousand. A lot of people may not trust these figures, but one thing is certain that now that the entire world has accepted that there is no option but lockdown, discussing its rationale would be a waste of time.

It is true that there are still cases of disregard of social distancing from all places, but in a country like India, where the population is so vast and the resources for the supply of essential goods are still waiting for modern methods, This does not cause much surprise. During this time, the efforts made to make people aware with the cooperation of society and governments, I have seen such efforts during the Indo-Pak war.

The migration of lakhs of people from the metros in the early days caused a lot of trouble. This destroyed the rules of social distancing, but soon all the state governments succeeded in overcoming it. Today more than one crore people are being provided food daily with the help of society and government. These are the people who feared that before the corona would kill us. However, there is still much to be done. Anyway, free food cannot be an employment option.

It is clear from the messages till these lines are written that even after April 14, the lockdown will continue with little change or modification. The rabi crop is currently standing in the fields awaiting harvesting. As the temperature of the sun rises, the possibility of scorching of wheat earrings will increase. Along with relaxation of rules for cutting wheat, laborers are also required. It does not end here. Farmers will have to supply this crop to the mandis and get a fair price for it. For this, the supply line lying locked in the cage will also have to be freed. These tasks are not easy, but not doing them will pose challenges, which can cause long-term problems. Not only this, keeping the factories and small scale industries under restrictions for a long time would be fatal for the economy with large population of the country. Entrepreneurs from different parts of the country have spoken out that they should be allowed to run at least one shift. In addition to Hawaii, Rail and highways will also have to be opened. Conditions can be put in place for some time to reduce the risk of an epidemic. For example, the number of passengers in trains, trains, buses and ships should be limited so that they can maintain a reasonable distance from each other. This will not only resume monetary liquidity, but the stalled country will also feel new. More than 400 districts of the country are still untouched by Corona. There may be relatively more leeway.

FICCI says that a large country like India cannot withstand a very long period of lockdown. Therefore, special arrangements should be made for migrant laborers to go to non-infected areas after medical examination. FICCI also appealed to the government to advise district magistrates to seek help of MNREGA laborers for harvesting the rabi crop. There has also been a suggestion of imposing heavy duty on imports for the next six months as a help to domestic industries.
Although all this should be started from April 15, it is not necessary. The country may need a full lockdown for a few days now. The US delayed it and has to bear the consequences. According to figures released by Johns Hopkins University on Friday, 1,783 people were taken to Corona in 24 hours.

US policymakers believe that this figure may increase further. The health workers there stubbornly say that we have left the number of dead. The way canal-shaped mass graves were built there to bury the dead bodies is also intimidating. India has to be saved from this situation. The Health Ministry claims that we have not yet entered the third round. The optimists sitting there believe that if two more weeks have passed, they might not come to terms. This is the reason why city-by-city hot-spots are being marked and restrictions are being strictly implemented there. This experiment was first done in Bhilwara. Now other states are also adopting it without hesitation. although, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh says that the epidemic in his state appears to have reached the third phase. It is to be seen that we are going to be victims of this tragedy like the rest of the world or the Indian spirits have indeed laid the foundation for a new example?



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