Timeless Alarm Watch will come with wireless charging support

A new Timex Alarm Watch with wireless charging support has been certified by the Wireless Power Consortium. This certification was given a few days ago, which hints that the product can be launched soon. The unique design of the watch can be seen in the attached photo in this certification.

The top of the watch is fitted with a wireless charger, in
particular, Timex has added wireless charging technology to the upper surface of the watch which looks like a traditional alarm watch. The Wireless Power Consortium has certified a new Timex Alarm Watch with wireless charging devices. Users will be able to charge their phone by simply placing it on top of the alarm clock.

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The 5W power output
listing has an image attached, showing a cylindrical table-top design with a flat surface for wireless charging support. The front is the display screen which shows the time in red LED light. Its power level is listed at 5 watts on the Wireless Power Consortium and the registration date has been stated as 20 November.

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At the moment when it will be launched, there is no confirmation that
this upcoming Timex Alarm Watch with wireless charging has been given the model number TW300. It has not yet been officially announced by the company. It is also not clear when the product will be launched and in which markets it will be introduced. However, it is likely to be announced soon that the watch has been certified.

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Timex launched iConnect Premium Active Smartwatch in India just a few days ago . It comes with color touchscreen display with silicon and stainless steel strap option. The watch is rated IP68 as a water resistant, along with features such as heart rate monitor, call-message notifications, sedentary reminder, activity tracking, music playback control with sleep tracking. The company claims that it gets 5 days of battery life in full charge. Its price in India is 6995 rupees


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