Triphala Churna Benefits Uses And Disadvantages - All About Triphala Churna
Triphala Churna Benefits Uses And Disadvantages - All About Triphala Churna

Due to the focus on more things than health, there is an increased possibility of getting vulnerable to diseases. For this reason, it is said that if time is taken care of health, diseases can be avoided. At the same time, many types of Ayurvedic medicines can be used to avoid this, one of which is Triphala powder. For years, the consumption of Triphala powder has been considered beneficial to avoid health problems. For this reason, we are talking about the benefits of Triphala Churna in this article. Along with this, we will also tell about the use of Triphala powder, the method of making it at home, as well as the loss of Triphala powder.

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Before the properties of Triphala, we are telling what is Triphala and Triphala powder.

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What is Triphala Churna – What is Triphala Churna?

Triphala is made up of Sanskrit words, tri meaning three more fruits meaning fruit. This means that Triphala is not a fruit or herb, but a mixture made of three things, which is found in the form of powder. Below we are talking about the three fruits, whose mixture is made from Triphala powder.

  1. Amla – In Sanskrit it is known as Amritphal and Amalaki. It is used in many ways in India. People consume it in the form of fruits, juices, pickles and powders. Amla is rich in vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant. It is also considered beneficial for digestive power. In addition, it can also prove beneficial in the following health conditions-
  • Vitamin-C present in it may be beneficial for patients with anemia.
  • It can detoxify the body.
  • May help keep the body cool.
  • It is also considered beneficial in diarrhea.
  • It can also be good for liver, heart and lungs.
  • Can bring glow to the skin.
  1. Baheda – It is also used as a medicine. Baheda is also known as Bibhitaki and Vibhita. Some of the benefits from its intake are as follows.
  • Baheda has analgesic properties.
  • It can be used in diarrhea.
  • It has anti bacterial properties.
  • Known as hair tonic.
  • May help reduce fever and heal wounds.
  • Immune can boost the system.
  1. Harad – It is known as Haritaki in Sanskrit. It is a nut-like fruit. It is broken when it becomes yellow in color. It is also commonly called ‘harre’. How Harad can be beneficial for health, let us know below
  • It is considered beneficial for stomachache.
  • May also reduce opthalmia.
  • Bleeding can reduce the bleeding from the gums.
  • Painkiller.
  • Ability to heal wounds.
  • Increase appetite.
  • To improve digestion.
  • Keep liver healthy.

These three fruits are also used differently for various physical problems. At the same time, when a mixture of these three is formed in the form of Triphala, it can work effectively on many health problems. We are further explaining how Triphala Churna can benefit health.

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You know what Triphala Churna is. Let us know the benefits of Triphala powder directly.

Benefits of Triphala Churna

According to a scientific research on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), Triphala powder can prove to be beneficial in reducing the symptoms of many health problems like weight loss to diabetes. For this reason, we are telling about the properties and benefits of Triphala Churna (1) . Just take care not to depend on Triphala to cure any serious disease completely, make sure to contact the doctor for treatment in relation to the disease.

1. Benefits of Triphala for digestion

Eating the wrong food or too much oily food can cause stomach and digestive problems . Triphala churna can be a good option to cure this problem. The medicinal properties of Triphala can help in relieving stomach problems by improving digestive power. Along with digesting food properly, Triphala can also help in absorbing food in the body  (1) . It can also cure other stomach-related problems such as constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (5) .

2. Benefits of Triphala for eyes

Like other body parts, it is also important to take care of the eyes. Triphala can be a tonic for eye health . It can increase the level of glutathione (a type of antioxidant) in the eye lens. A study available on the NCBI website has also confirmed this. In addition, Triphala may also be somewhat helpful in reducing the risk of cataract (1) . At the moment, further research needs to be done on this topic.

With the consumption of Triphala powder, the eye can also be washed with it. Actually, Triphala powder is soaked overnight in water and after filtering its water, it is used in washing the eyes. It has been shown to be beneficial for both eye redness and cataract (6) . Triphala can also be used to cure viscous (eye discharge) flowing from the eyes (7) .

3. Benefits of Triphala Churna to lose weight

Some people resort to dieting or gym to reduce obesity, but there is no significant effect. In such a situation, if Triphala powder is consumed, it can be beneficial to some extent. Triphala can act as a therapeutic agent. This can not only help in reducing weight, but can also reduce body fat. According to a study done on animals, consumption of triphala for 10 weeks on obesity caused by overeating has led to a decrease in both weight and fat (1) .

If you eat Triphala powder along with gym, exercise or yoga, the difference can be seen. To lose weight, Triphala powder can be mixed with hot water and consumed two to three times a day.

4. Benefits of Triphala Churna for constipation

Due to constipation, there is a problem of gas and pain in the stomach. In this case, the consumption of Triphala powder can help reduce this problem to some extent. Scientific studies have said that its intake can relieve gas, constipation and other stomach troubles. The tannic and gallic acids present in it are considered beneficial in reducing constipation problem.

To avoid the problem of constipation, one to two teaspoons of Triphala powder can be consumed every night before bedtime in a glass of warm water. Keep in mind that it should not be consumed after drinking anything else.

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5. For blood pressure and a healthy heart

Triphala Churna is considered beneficial for blood pressure control and heart health. A research has said that Triphala powder can be used to reduce high blood pressure (8) (9) . In addition, it can help protect against heart diseases by lowering cholesterol. Indeed, high blood pressure and cholesterol are known to be the main risk factors for heart disease. Triphala powder can help maintain heart health by reducing these risks (10) (1) (8) .

6. Benefits of Triphala for viral and bacterial infections

Triphala powder can be used to reduce the risk of viral and bacterial infections. Triphala has been used in Ayurveda for years to protect the body from viral and bacterial infections. Actually, Triphala powder has antibacterial, anti-viral and antipyretic (fever-reducing) properties. The anti-bacterial properties on the one hand help protect the body from bacteria, on the other hand the antipyretic properties may help protect the body from fever (1) (11) . Along with this, Triphala also has immunity modulatory properties, which can increase immunity according to the needs of the body (6) .

7. Benefits of Triphala for immunity

As we have already mentioned above, Triphala has immunity modulatory properties. Actually, as soon as the immunity of the disease is weak, various kinds of disease grip the body. Thus, various active compounds present in Triphala, such as gallic acid and ellagic acid, act as antioxidants, which can improve the body’s immunity (6) .

8. Benefits of Triphala Powder for diabetes

Triphala powder can also prove helpful for patients with diabetes. Regular glucose intake can lower blood glucose levels. Indeed, it has anti-diabetic and hypoglycemic effects, which may help control type-2 diabetes (1) .

9. Benefits of Triphala for wound healing

Triphala can help heal wounds if people have mild injuries or wounds. Actually, Triphala has wand shaking properties, which can help in healing the wound  (1) . A study by the Indian Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Research found Triphala to be more effective than petroleum jelly and sesame oil (12) . Other scientific research also mentions that triphalo may also help heal an infected wound (13) .

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10. blood flow in for triphala powder of advantages

Triphala powder also has properties to improve blood circulation. A research published on the NCBI website also says that Triphala can help the blood flow properly. However, it is not clear in research which properties of Triphala help in this (11) . Due to better blood circulation, blood and oxygen reaches every part of the body. With oxygen reaching all the organs, carbon dioxide present in the body also comes out due to better blood flow (14) .

11. Triphala for detoxification

Detoxification is the removal of toxic substances present in the body. Triphala powder has been used since ancient times for detoxification (15) . Due to the environment, contaminated food and cosmetics, the toxins inside the body affect the function of various organs such as kidneys, langs and liver. For this reason, it is necessary to detoxify the body from time to time, in which Triphala powder can help (16) .

12. Bone Health – Benefits of Triphala Powder for joint pain or arthritis

As the age progresses, the bones begin to weaken. Many people complain of joint pain. This can later take the form of arthritis. In this case, the consumption of Triphala powder can be beneficial. Triphala powder can help strengthen bones. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which may help reduce inflammation of arthritis (1) (17) . To reduce the symptoms of arthritis, one teaspoon of Triphala powder can be mixed by drinking it in a glass of water.

13. Triphala for oral health (tooth and mouth odor)

Like other body parts, it is also important to take care of the mouth. Ignoring oral health can lead to problems with teeth , pain in the gums and bad smell from the mouth. Triphala powder can be used to get relief from this problem. Triphala has anti-microbial properties, which can help prevent bacteria from growing in the mouth. In addition, Triphala powder has anticancer activity, which can protect teeth from caries (dental caries). In addition, it is considered beneficial in reducing the problem of bleeding from the gums. For oral health, Triphala powder can be rinsed by adding it to water (18) . Using it as a mouth wash can reduce gum infections and pain (19) (20) .

14. To reduce stress and anxiety

The use of Triphala powder to overcome mental problems like stress and anxiety can prove beneficial. According to a scientific research published on the NCBI website, Triphala has antistress effects, which can work to reduce stress. By reducing stress, it can also help in relieving the anxiety caused by it (1) .

15. Triphala to reduce inflammation and inflammation

The benefits of Triphala Churna include reducing the problem of inflammation. This may increase the risk of arthritis, diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases (21) . To avoid this, Triphala powder can be consumed. Actually, it has anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce the problem of inflammation and inflammation (1) . One study stated that the methanol extract present in it may reduce inflammation and pain to some extent (22) .

16. Hormonal Imbalance – Prevent Cancer from Triphala

Consumption of Triphala powder can be helpful in preventing cancer. Actually, Triphala has anti-cancer properties, which can be helpful in reducing the risk of cancer. Used as a mouthwash, Triphala can prevent cancer-causing cancer in young adults from growing in the mouth. One study stated that Triphala contains antineoplastic agents. This antineoplastic property can prevent tumors from growing. This property can show effects on many cancer cells, including breast, prostate, colon, and pancreas (1) . It is also believed to help correct hormonal imbalances, although no research is available.

17. Benefits of Triphala powder for dizziness or motion sickness

Sometimes people have problem of dizziness or vomiting in bus and car. With vomiting, there is also the problem of headache. In this situation, the consumption of Triphala can be beneficial. Actually, vitamin-C plays an important role in reducing this motion sickness. As we said, Triphala contains amla, which is full of vitamin-C. For this reason, Triphala is considered beneficial for relieving motion sickness (23) . In addition, the gallic and tannic acids present in the deaf can help relieve the vomiting problem (5) .

18. Triphala powder to make skin younger

Triphala powder can be a good option to keep skin healthy and young. Its anti-oxidant properties can not only act as a protector for skin cells, but can also help to maintain skin by keeping it healthy. It is also believed to reduce the symptoms of aging. The anti-oxidants present in it can help in preventing skin aging as well as help in protecting the skin from diseases (24) . Apart from this, Triphala powder can also be helpful in relieving problems like itching and burning (25) . For this reason, Triphala powder is believed to be helpful in making the skin younger.

19. Benefits of Triphala Churna for hair

Getting long, thick and shiny hair is the desire of almost every woman. Triphala churna can fulfill this desire. It is believed that it can help in hair growth. This may be due to the gooseberry present in it (26) . Along with consuming Triphala powder for hair health, hair can also be washed. Actually, washing the hair by mixing Triphala powder with lukewarm water can reduce dandruff (27) .

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Above we have explained the properties and benefits of Triphala. Now we know how Triphala Churna can be used.

Use of Triphala Churna – right time and right way to eat

After knowing the benefits of eating Triphala powder, it is also important to know the method of eating Triphala powder. For this reason, we are telling you how to eat Triphala powder.

Lemon ‘s with Triphala  This powder drink mix with water. If you do not like the taste of it, then you can make its juice and drink it. The benefits of Triphala juice are also similar to powder. To make Triphala juice, mix Triphala powder, a little honey and lemon juice in water. Keep in mind that use these ingredients lightly, so that there will be a slight change in the taste of Triphala. It can be taken before sleeping at night.

Triphala Tea  Triphala powder can also be used as tea. Boil Triphala powder in water and add some honey to it. It can be consumed in the morning and evening instead of normal tea.

Triphala capsules or tablets – If you do not like the taste of Triphala powder, you can also take it in tablet or capsule form. It is easily available in the market. While taking it, you must follow the advice given on Triphala capsule box or you can seek advice from a specialist or doctor.

Eyes the order Triphala of use – the Triphala can also wash the eye powder. Simply put one to two teaspoons of Triphala powder in lukewarm water and leave it for overnight and then filter it in the morning. Then wash the eyes with this mixture (7) . It is counted among the benefits of Triphala juice.

Faces of For Triphala masks  use triphala powder face like pack can be. It can be used as a face mask and pack to make the skin smooth and clean.

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After explaining how to eat Triphala powder, we will throw light on how Triphala powder is made at home.

Method of preparation of Triphala Churna

Triphala powder is easily available in the market, but it is also easy to make at home. For this reason, we are giving below the method of making Triphala Churna at home.

Note  Before purchasing, keep in mind that the ingredients falling in Triphala powder (Harada, Baheda and Amla) should be in the ratio of 1: 2: 4.

Material :

  • Harad – 20 grams
  • Baheda – 40 grams
  • Amla – 80 grams

Making the law :

  • First of all, pour all the raw materials one by one into the mortar and grind it into fine powder.
  • Then filter all.
  • Now mix these powders.
  • Put this mixture in a jar.
  • Triphala churna is ready, which can be used daily.

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Let us know what should be the dose of Triphala powder.

Triphala Churna dosage

The benefits of eating Triphala powder can be beneficial only if it is eaten in moderation. By the way, the quantity of Triphala Churna dose depends on what health benefits are being consumed. For example, because of the medicinal properties of Triphala, five grams of Triphala can be consumed for up to 45 days for diabetes (1) . At the same time, 5-5 grams of Triphala can be consumed twice before eating to reduce skin problem (25) . According to the problem, contact the doctor to know the amount of its intake.

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Next we will tell about the loss of Triphala powder.

Side effects of Triphala Churna

By the way, Triphala is considered safe and its side effects are negligible even in research (8) . At the same time, instead of the benefits of Triphala Churna due to its high intake, there can be losses. Below we are talking about the possible loss of Triphala powder.

  1. Triphala can inhibit the activity of the enzyme (cytochrome P450) found in liver cells (28) . Indeed, this enzyme is required for the metabolism of many drugs (29) . For this reason, medical consultation is necessary before taking Triphala with enzyme-related medicine.
  2. May reduce the effects of depression medicine. The Harada present in Triphala can be attributed to it (30) .
  3. Harar present in Triphala during pregnancy is not considered safe (31) .
  4. As we have said that Triphala powder has antidiabetic properties. In such a situation, its high intake in low sugar patients can further reduce the level of sugar.
  5. Diarrhea can also occur when the amount of myrrh present in Triphala is high (32) .

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Next, we are talking about Best Triphala Churna.

3 Best Triphala Churna Brands

There are many Triphala powders present in the market as the best Triphala powder. We are further describing some Triphala Churna brand which is most purchased by people.

Dabur Triphala Churna

The company claims that the benefits of Dabur Triphala Churna include cleaning the stomach and removing digestive disorders. Apart from this, the benefits of Dabur Triphala Churna also include removing the toxic substance from the body. The company has advised to eat it twice.

Baidyanath Triphala Churna

The company claims that the benefits of Baidyanath Triphala powder can be beneficial to the body in many ways, including problems of gas and constipation. According to this brand, the benefits of Baidyanath Triphala Churna can be availed at every age.

Zandu Triphala Churna

Apart from the Triphala product mentioned above, the benefits of Jhandu Triphala powder can also be taken. It is also a popular brand, due to which it can also be selected.

Now it must have become clear that Triphala is a very useful medicine. It can show positive effects on many physical problems. We have given the answer to the question of how to eat Triphala powder. Just before taking it regularly, a person suffering from serious problem must seek medical consultation once. We hope that the information given in this article of ours will prove useful to you. You can also share this article with your friends and family members.


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