Turnip (Shalgam) Benefits And Side Effects
Turnip (Shalgam) Benefits And Side Effects

Turnip is counted in selectively beneficial vegetables. It is such a food item, which is used in making various dishes and vegetables along with salads. Its scientific name is Brassica Rapa. While it is delicious to eat, it also has many health benefits. In this article of Stylecrase will explain in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of turnips. Although the health problems mentioned in this article can provide some relief from consuming turnip, it is not a complete cure for any disease.

Let us now know how turnip can prove beneficial for health.

Benefits of turnip

By taking turnip, health can be maintained in this way.

1. To strengthen the immune system

The health of the body depends entirely on immunity. Therefore, the benefits of turnip can be seen to strengthen immunity . Turnip can be beneficial to increase immunity because according to a scientific research, turnip has an immunological (immunological) effect. This effect of turnip can also be beneficial for increasing immunity (1) .

2. For cardiovascular health

The benefits of turnip can be seen to maintain cardiovascular health. Actually, turnip naturally works as an active anti-oxidant. This anti-oxidant action works against the toxic present in the body. There is a risk of heart disease due to this toxin. Therefore, taking turnip can be beneficial in reducing your risk of heart disease (2) .

3. To reduce the risk of cancer

Turnip properties can also benefit from cancer risk. This may be because anti-cancer activity is actively found in turnips (3) . Anti-cancer activity may reduce the risk of cancer and prevent cancer cells from growing (4) .

4. To reduce blood pressure

Increased blood pressure increases the risk of many diseases, including heart-related diseases (5) . At the same time, turnip intake can help reduce the risk of increased blood pressure, as potassium is found in it. This nutrient can help regulate and control blood pressure (6) . Keep in mind that in case of increased blood pressure, consult a doctor.

5. For Weight Loss

People adopt a variety of remedies for weight loss, while the benefits of weight loss can be seen by including turnip in the diet form. Turnip contains fiber (7) . Consuming fiber can be beneficial for weight loss. Eating a fiber-rich diet can work to keep the stomach full for a long time, thereby controlling the habit of eating frequently. Thus this process can help in overcoming increasing weight (8) . In addition, according to a report published on the NCBI website, turnip intake also proved inactive for weight loss (9) . Therefore, in case of weight loss, be sure to consult a doctor before using turnip. Also , along with home remedies for weight loss, daily exercise, yoga and nutritious diet are also necessary.

6. For eye health

Turnip can also be used for eye health. Turnip contains vitamin B6 and folate content (10) . The intake of vitamin B6 and folate found in turnips can improve the eyesight loss, and scientific studies have also confirmed that the intake of these nutrients is related to age-related vision. Can be beneficial for subsequent reduction in capacity of ( 11) . Also, turnips also have antioxidant properties, which can help improve eyesight (2) .

7. For bone health

Turnip consumption can also show beneficial results for good bone health. This may also be possible because sufficient amounts of calcium are found in turnips (10) . Consumption of calcium can not only strengthen the health of bones, but can also prevent it from becoming weaker (12) . At the same time, in order to keep bones strong in the condition of increasing age, a doctor must be checked up once.

8. For lung health problem

Turnip intake can also be beneficial to keep lungs healthy. According to a scientific research, taking turnip can work to prevent lung cancer. (13) . However, there is still more medical research on how this can be beneficial for the lungs. In this situation it may be more beneficial to resort to medical treatment and to consult a doctor.

9. For Skin

The medicinal properties of turnip can be seen for good skin health. Turnips are rich in vitamin C and are also the main source of a powerful anti-oxidant (14) . Vitamin-C can act like making the skin shiny and healing the spots on the skin (15) . For this, you can use turnip as juice.

10. For hair health

Everyone wants to keep the hair beautiful, and eating turnip in the diet can also help in keeping the hair beautiful. Indeed, the medicinal properties of turnips are found in zinc, magnesium, and iron, and these nutrients may play an important role in hair growth.

Let us know in the next part of the article what nutrients are found in it.

Turnip (Shalgam) Nutritional Value

The nutritional elements of turnip are shown through the list below (10) .

Total lipid0.1g
Fiber, total dietary1.8g
Sugar total3.8g
 Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid21mg
Vitamin B60.09mg
Folate, total15μg
Vitamin E0.03 mg
Fatty Acid Total Saturated0.011g
Fatty acid, total monounsaturated0.006g
Fatty acid, total polyunsaturated0.053g

Let us now know how to use turnip.

How to use turnip

Turnip can be used as follows.

  • Turnip can be used as a salad.
  • Turnip can be used as a vegetable.
  • Turnip juice can be used for drinking.
  • A delicious vegetable can be made by mixing potatoes with turnips.
  • Pickle of turnip can also be made.

When to eat: Turnip can be consumed at any time throughout the day like a salad or by making vegetables.

How much to eat: One or two turnips in one day may be sufficient for a person. Be sure to consult a dietitian once for the right amount of its intake.

Let us also get acquainted with the loss of turnip.

side effects of turnip (shalgam)

Consumption of turnip can cause harm in the following situations.

  • Vitamin-K is found in turnips . If it is consumed with Vafarin (a drug to stop blood clots), the effect of the drug may be reduced .
  • Turnips are found to contain high amounts of phosphorus, the high intake of which can adversely affect the heart, kidney and bones, as well as increase the risk of death 
  • Turnips are also rich in potassium, the high intake of which can negatively affect the functioning of the heart .
  • Some people also use turnip leaves over salads. Adequate vitamin-A is found in it. Excessive intake during pregnancy may increase the risk of birth defects in infants
  • If any other problem arises due to its consumption, contact the doctor immediately and start taking it again only after their advice.

Now you must have known how the virtues of turnips can help you in reducing the health risks. Apart from this, you have also been told about some health problems related to its consumption, which need attention. However, it cannot completely cure the health problem described in this article, but it can definitely save you from its risk. You can also consult a doctor during its intake. If you want to know more about this topic or make any suggestion, you can reach us through the comment box below.


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