Twitter will resume public verification, company makes big announcement

Twitter Verification: Twitter has announced to resume public verification. The company kept the company closed to public verification for about three years, but from the beginning of 2021, people will now be able to request for a blue tick.

Micro-blogging website Twitter has said that with the beginning of 2021, the company is resuming its verification program. Earlier, the company is taking public feedback regarding the verification, the last date of which is till 8 December.

Twitter has said that the company is also working on profile type besides blue tick. In the coming time, any kind of label or badge can be added from personal to other types of account besides blue tick.

Twitter has also set up criteria for verification. Account verification verification requesters who fill the criterion will be able to start as early as next year.

Till now the company was verifying the accounts by itself and the request system is on hold. But this time the company has also made it clear that the policy will be strict and if you do not follow the verified account guidelines, then the verification badge can also be removed from those accounts.

Twitter has also mentions in its official blog post that what kind of accounts can be verified.

We’re planning to relaunch verification in 2021, but first we want to hear from you.

Help us shape our approach to verification on Twitter by letting us know what you think. Take a look at our draft policy and submit your #VerificationFeedback here:

– Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport)
– Government account

– Companies accounts

– Twitter handle of brands

– Non Profit Organization

– News media Twitter accounts

– Entertainment, Sports, Activist

The company has added new conditions to remove these blue ticks. The company has said that the blue tick can be removed from the inactive account. Blue tick can also be removed in case of changing Twitter username and bio.

Twitter verification was done for the post, if it is not now, then in such a situation, the company can remove the blue tick. The company has currently issued drafts which will be applicable from next year.

Not only blue ticks, there will be big changes too…

Twitter has said that we are going to go in 2021 and in such a way, people will give more ways to identify. For example, account types and labels.

The company has said that more information about this will be shared in the coming weeks. According to Twitter, this is the beginning of the 2021 plan. Along with this, Kaupein has also sought opinion from people on the verification policy by tweeting with #VerifcationFeedback.


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