Aditya Narayan is making headlines these days. Recently, he had revealed in an interview that he is going to marry his girlfriend Shweta Agarwal soon. Apart from this, he also dominated the media about his savings. Now Aditya Narayan’s father Udit Narayan has given a statement about their marriage. He says that we knew Shweta Aggarwal for many years but only as a friend of Aditya. I also wanted Aditya to settle as soon as possible.

Udit Narayan, the father of Aditya Narayan, said these things in an interview with Dainik Bhaskar . He said in the meantime: “I did not know that Aditya Narayan and Shweta Aggarwal are dating each other. One day Adityame came to me and said that he wants to marry Shweta. To this I only told him that if Do not blame the parents if anything happens later. ”

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Udit Narayan also said that till now we have done a lot for Aditya Narayan. If he had called, he would have also found a good girl. But now they have grown up. We are happy in his happiness. Just what will the boy and girl agree, what will the Kazi do. We wanted her to be married to grandeur. However, this will not happen due to Corona. If all goes well, on December 1, Aditya’s wedding will be held in Mumbai among fewer people.

Let us know that Aditya Narayan (Aditya Narayan) in a recent interview to ETimes, Aditya told that he is going to get married till the end of this year. Not only this, Aditya also spoke openly about his relationship. He told that he has been in a relationship with actress Shweta Aggarwal for 10 years and now after dating each other for so many years, both of them have decided to get married. Aditya had told that he and Shweta met in 2010 on the set of the film ‘Shapit’.



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