Union Minister Gadkari announced e-vehicle charging kiosks to be installed at 69 thousand petrol pumps of the country

The government has announced to install electric vehicle charging kiosks at 69 thousand petrol pumps across the country to promote electric vehicles in the country. Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari said at the Electric Mobility Conference 2020 on Monday that the government plans to install at least electric vehicle charging kiosks at 69,000 petrol pumps across the country.

Gadkari, who is working towards becoming a global automobile manufacturing hub , said in an address through video conferencing that the government has taken all possible steps to promote electric vehicles. The Union Minister said that to promote electric vehicles in the country, the government has reduced the GST rate on them to 5%. He said that the government is working towards making the country a global automobile manufacturing hub in the next 5 years.

It is necessary to work towards the manufacturing of double-decker buses,
Gadkari said during the conference that the automobile sector should also work towards the manufacturing of double-decker buses. He said that the Central Government is developing the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway as an electric highway.

It is necessary to provide alternative fuel at petrol pumps
. People are reluctant to buy electric vehicles in the absence of charging facility. A few months ago, the oil ministry released new guidelines for petrol pumps. Under these guidelines, it is necessary to have at least one optional fuel available at the new petrol pump. The new petrol pumps are providing vehicle charging facility as optional fuel under the guidelines. When EV charging kiosks will be installed on existing petrol pumps, it will bring a big change.

It will help in promoting e-mobility.
According to the estimates of people associated with the industry, there are about 69 thousand petrol pumps in the country. E-mobility will be boosted by getting EV charging facility at all petrol pumps. Right now, due to lack of charging infrastructure, people avoid buying electric vehicles.


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