Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Prelims Exam was held on 4 October 2020. UPSC has released the answer for the examination. Students who have taken the prelims exam have counted their marks using the answer key and if their numbers fall above 95, then the preparation for the Mains exam should start seriously.

Let us know, UPSC Mains exam will be conducted on 8 January. In this case, time is short. Candidates are selected for interview on the basis of Mains examination. In such a situation, know how to prepare.

1- In Mains exam, candidates have to write two papers of three hours each. In this situation, special attention needs to be paid to writing. Most of the students, when they start writing the paper, it is difficult to write the answers to all the questions, so the candidates need to try to write as much as possible.

2- Time is short, so candidates need to focus more on answer writing. Because only the answers written in the Mains exam will be able to express knowledge.

3- Some people have faster writing speed and some people are slower. In such a situation, it should be noted that in the process of writing fast, do not write meaning of meaning. So choose the correct words.

4- It is important to remember that candidates have to answer 20 questions in 3 hours. In such a situation, they should not take much time to understand the questions and then write their answers.

5- Candidates should remember that they have to write the answer in their own words. UPSC has clarified in the notification.

6- Candidates should focus on memorizing key words (like infrastructure, natural justice, withdrawal of funds, globalization of apathy etc.) and writing answers in their own words.

7- Since time is short, it is necessary to make a schedule and stick it in front of your study table. Explain that, with discipline and exam-focused preparation, candidates can prepare themselves well for the Mains exam.



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