US President Donald Trump (US President Donald Trump) who in his first term, China has also said attacks are on (China) and tackled him in every other thing, but China still would like to see them in the White House for a second term , As Beijing awaits the fall of its superpower counterpart. Formal relations were established in the two countries four decades ago, since then these relations have remained cold. At the same time, China has recently warned that it does not want a new ‘cold war’ with America.

Donald Trump, under his ‘America First’ banner, described China as the biggest threat to American and world democracy. He has started a trade war with China, causing a loss of billion dollars to China. They have created problems for Chinese tech companies and are putting full responsibility of Coronavirus on Beijing itself. But China is seeing its advantage in Trump’s victory in the November elections. Xi Jinping is engaged in the mission of making China a global superpower.

Trump has pulled the US out of the Asia-Pacific Commercial Deal and Climate Agreement, imposed billion dollar tariffs on Chinese goods, and pulled the US out of the World Health Organization in the midst of a global pandemic. And where Trump has retreated, Xi Jinping has moved forward. Jinping has established China as the champion of free trade and the leader of the fight against climate change and has promised to share the future COVID-19 vaccine with poor countries.

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Professor Zhu Zhiqun of Political and International Relations at Bucknell University said that Trump’s second term may give China more time to establish itself as a superpower in the world. China’s leadership may get a chance to take its stand in the field of globalization, multilateralism and international cooperation more strictly. ‘

Philip L’Co, an expert on China at Harvard Kennedy School in the US, also believed that Trump’s ‘America First’ policies would benefit China in the long run. He also said that with this America is getting away from its traditional allies, which is helping China to make a place for itself.

The biggest thing is that Chinese nationalists are openly speaking in support of Trump (actually, in support of China). Hu Shijin, editor-in-chief of the Chinese nationalist newspaper Global Times, said in a tweet titled Trump that “you can create this craze in America, which the world will dislike.” You are helping to create unity in China.



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