US President Election 2020: US President Donald Trump is trailing Democrat candidate Joe Biden in most election polls.If Donald Trump loses the presidential election on November 3 (US President Election Date), then the 28-year record will be broken.

If this happened, he would be the first president after George Bush Sr. in 1992 who could not get a second term. Bush Sr. was also a Republican. Senior Bush lost the 1992 election after one term. After that, Democrat Bill Clinton, Republican George Bush and Democrat Barack Obama have been president for 8-8 years. Trump has completed his four-year term.

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If Biden wins, the 32-year-old will repeat the record,
78- year-old Biden will repeat the 32-year-old record. Curiously, he too will repeat the record of George Bush Sr. In fact, before becoming President in 1988, Bush Sr. had been Vice President for eight years under the tenure of his predecessor, President Ronald Regan. Then after 152 years in the history of American elections, there was such a feat that a person should become President after eight years as Vice President. Biden was also Vice President under Barack Obama for eight years.

For the first time, Harris can become the Vice President of Indian origin
if Biden wins the 2020 election, then Kamala Harris, nominated for the post of Vice President by her, will also make history. Kamala Harris will be the first woman of Indian origin to reach this position in American politics. Harris is currently a California senator.

George Bush Sr. (1988–1992)
George Bush Sr. became President after the completion of Ronald Reagan’s eight-year term. In 1991, under Bush Sr., a US-led army of coalition countries attacked Iraq.

Bill Clinton (1992–2000)
Democrat candidate Bill Clinton (Bill Clinton) defeated Bush Sr., winning the party’s presidential election 12 years later. In the Monica Leniewski episode, Clinton was impeached in 1998, escaping the party’s majority in the Senate.

George Bush (2000–2008) was
Governor of Texas, George Bush Jr. was President from 2001 to 2008. The winner was decided by the Supreme Court several weeks later in the electoral battle with Al Gore, who was the vice president in the Clinton regime. Despite the biggest terrorist attack on 11 September 2001 in the US, Bush also won the 2004 election.

Barack Obama (2008-2016)
In the midst of the economic recession of 2008, America got its first black as President Barack Obama. He defeated Republican John McCain. Even in 2008, Obama and Vice President Biden won easy.

Donald Trump (2016–?)
Republican nominee Donald Trump, who came into business from politics, won an unexpected victory in 2016. Democrat Hillary Clinton also lost by getting more than 2.9 million votes from Trump. Hillary’s dream of becoming the female president of America broke. The campaign of America First’s trump was liked by the public.



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