US Rhodes Scholars 2020: The selection of 'America Roads Scholars' went online for the first time due to Corona, 4 Indian-American students were among the 32 winners

All the work from education to office is being done online due to the worldwide corona epidemic. In this sequence, for the first time, the selection of ‘US Rhodes Scholars’ was also done online. Under this, a total of 32 students have obtained scholarship at Oxford University. These include 22 ‘minorities’ (students of color) and 10 blacks. This is the first time that such a large number of black students have not been selected.

2300 students applied

Elite Gerson, US Secretary of the Rhodes Trust, announced the names of the 32 winners on Sunday. Gerson said, “Earlier, the selection of students for scholarship was never done online.” For this, around 2300 students from 288 colleges and universities applied. 16 committees of ‘Rhodes Trust’ shortlisted students and took online interviews. After this, two candidates were selected from each district.

Scholarship started in 1902

The winners include 17 female, 14 male and one transgender student. In this, four American-Indian students Swati R. Srinivasan, Vijayasundaram Ramsamy, Garima P. Desai and Savrani Sanka are also included. ‘Rhodes Scholarship’ bears all the expenses of a student for two or three years of study at Oxford University, England. The ‘Rhodes Scholarship’ was started in 1902 under the will of Cecil Rhodes.


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