A photo of Singer Badshah is becoming increasingly viral on the Internet. Everyone is stunned to see this photo. In the photo, the rapper’s face is scorched.

Actually, rapper Badshah shared a picture of sunburn on his face while on holiday in Maldives on Friday. She shared this photo of her on Instagram. He wrote in the caption of the photo- ‘Sunburn.’

In this photo, you can clearly see the redness and raised skin on the emperor’s face. Singer Armaan Malik has commented on the post, bad burns. Actress Mrinal Thakur expressed surprise.

Varun had also visited Maldives, actor Varun Dhawan had also visited Maldives for a holiday. He too was sunburned like a king. Varun commented, ‘This happened to me too.’

The song Badshah, made for Shah Rukh’s cricket team, recently released a new song for Shah Rukh Khan’s cricket team. Badshah has composed this song. He is also giving performance with the fans in it. In this song, along with KKR players and Shah Rukh Khan, fans are also seen.

‘LAPHAO’ is the catchy point of this new song. Which means ‘jump’ in Bengali. This word symbolizes the cheering of the fans. Especially in his absence the importance of the word has increased. The song was launched on 20 October.

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Shahrukh Khan had said about the new song of the team, ‘I am present in the match. I really miss the presence of my twilight fans! This year, we have to show love towards each other from a little distance. That is why we have created this song for the fans, which describes their emotions very well. We hope that we will be able to make the fans feel proud.



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