Well here, ditch there. Save lives or livelihood? This question is not yet standing in front of the middle class, that is why it is cursing the crowd gathered at Delhi’s Anand Vihar or Mumbai’s Bandra station. But the government is not just middle class. She also understands that if the lockdown continues and all the businesses are kept closed, then not only will the condition of the poor and laborers be bad, but it will not take long to reach the middle class and then the upper class. How long will people be able to pay their wages if they do not work? Salary will not be received, will be cut or will be lost. All these things are not just apprehensions. Look around you, this truth will be seen. It may be that there is a knock on the door of your house. 
This is the reason why the state governments, while supporting the increase of lockdown, kept a concern in front of the Prime Minister that in such a situation, people’s livelihood will be necessary. He is also concerned that if everything is stalled, then from where will the government get the tax? If there is no more income, then from where and how long will the governments make the necessary expenses, which is necessary to fight this terrible disease? 
Obviously, the Prime Minister must have thought all this while giving a new slogan of life and soul. There is pressure on the government from many sides and it also has merit. Farmers in villages said that what is the difference between staying indoors or living within the radius of the village? If a family goes to their farm to harvest the crop, brings it to the barn, cleans the grain and prepares it for sale, then what is the harm in it? What is the danger, and how is social distancing not being followed? 
That is why not only the people of the villages, but also the experts on farming and rural economy were advising that the inner workings within the village should be fully opened. Except for those who are coming to the village from outside. On Wednesday, with the announcement of the new rules, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that those who have been tested for wanting to go to the village have been in isolation and the virus of the disease has not been found in them, such people Buses are being arranged to reach their village. 
Village or city, every person is concerned about his life. But living in cities, especially for poor people, it is very difficult to stay away from anyone. Eight to ten people live in a cell. Now if they stay inside, what kind of social distancing? And exit, where to go? Especially for slum dwellers or people living in JJ Colony or SRA buildings, there is not much space in the building-compound outside so that they can escape from each other. 
The easiest treatment of this condition seems to be that some such work should be started everywhere, so that these people can get relief. And to get relief from them would mean to resume the supply of all kinds of things. Large factories are usually outside the cities. But as the city grows, they reach her center. At such places, it is necessary to start work with fewer workers at this time, and all those who are called to work, their sleeping, eating and bathing arrangements should be made around there, so that they do not need to meet anyone else outside. 
All the estimates that the lockdown will have on the economy, so far, are going to be a shocking one. The International Mudra Fund says that India’s growth rate is expected to fall to 1.9 percent. An even greater fear is that there will be a recession in the world and this is the biggest crisis since the Great Depression of 1930. Barclays says that India’s growth rate will be zero till December this year. But these figures and estimates have no meaning right now. Until the epidemic is over from the world, it cannot be accurately calculated how much damage has been done and how much will it happen? Therefore, it is important to know that what happened in the Great Depression of the Monetary Fund of 1930? In it, the world’s GDP had fallen by more than 26%, and nearly a quarter of the people had lost their jobs. 
The intention here is not to scare you, but until last month most people were saying that this is the biggest threat to humanity after the Second World War. Now everyone believes that this is a bigger danger than that. Therefore, it is important that while preparing to deal with the threat of the epidemic, the preparedness of the Great Depression should also be made simultaneously. The decision taken by the government is exactly on this path. Yes, extreme caution is required. People have to be made aware. Especially in big cities, more stringency will be required instead of relaxation. In spite of the lockdown at this time, the activities in areas that have become hotspots are dangerous. 
The second task that is most important is the provision of sending the distraught, troubled people to their homes. The workers’ performance in Surat and the Bandra crowd is just a sample. Thousands of such people are stranded in different cities of the country. Their patience can be broken at any time. The state governments, after investigation, should send the uninfected people to their homes as the Uttar Pradesh government has said. This will also reduce congestion in cities and they will be in a more secure environment in villages.
History is witness that whenever the economy of India was in crisis, the demand arising from agriculture and village has supported it. It is time to implement this formula with full vigor. This is the way, which will be able to prepare the land to run large industries and save middle class employment.


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