Wedding Live Streaming Link On Card: Whatsapp Groups Are Also Formed They Are Not Coming

The trend of weddings has changed in the Kareena era, due to the limited number of government guidelines of Mehmanen, innovations are also taking place. Due to the restrictions of calling 50, 100 or 200 guests, the hosts are making fresh plans. Not all guests are invited together and different days are being invited for different ceremonies.

For this, the cards are also being printed separately. Among these, there are separate invitations for Bandeli, Baaraat and Pritibhoja, so that everyone attends different events, but marriages take place. The biggest innovation is the wedding to be telecast live. If the relatives or acquaintances are not able to attend the wedding, a live broadcast of Aaijan is being done for them, so that they can attend the wedding right from home. For this, a link to a live wedding is being given on the card. It is also being said that the password will be sent to the special WhatsApp group created for marriage.

Wedding planners tell that Corona may have limited the number of guests at weddings, but how to make it happy, new ideas are being invented along the same lines. One of these is live streaming. 50-60% of the people are demanding it during the wedding season. People who are getting married locally are also demanding to send food packets home for relatives.

Changing Trend: Live telecast orders for 60% of weddings cinematographer Kamlesh Songera said that live broadcasting of a wedding is done by adding a camera to a live streaming device. The link and password are given to the party. Such orders are coming in 60% of marriages. Such a change is the first time. According to graphic designer Rakesh Puri, this time two-three types of cards are being printed in a single wedding. Organizations are also writing differently in them. Tags are being made separately, in which there is also mention of the plate of Pritibhoja. Sohan Singh, who works in catering, said that the tradition of sending Bhajan packets to the house has started in the Kareena era. Along with the catering package, responsibility of delivering food from door to door is also being given.


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