Today it has been a full eight years for the country’s great filmmaker Yash Chopra. Even today, the Yash Raj banner is making successful films. He was called the ‘King of Romance’. He also wanted the same.

He became active in films in the sixties. His romantic films were made of different colors. Apart from romance, Yash Chopra made many successful genre films. Films like his ‘wall’, ‘Kala Pathar’ are considered as milestones.

Yash Chopra was born in Pakistan. When Yash Chopra was in youth, he befriended such boys who used to beat and steal. Yash Chopra once deposited small bombs in his house, which accidentally exploded.

When Yash’s mother came to know that where the bombs were placed, there were also stolen watches, she cried a lot. He neither rebuked nor beaten Yash. She just kept crying all night.

Sent to relative for studies

In the morning Yash went to his mother and apologized, saying that now he will never do such a thing, which causes him to cry. Mother sent him to his relative for further studies in Rohtak.

Meanwhile, the country was partitioned and Yash Chopra’s entire family moved to Mumbai. Yash’s elder brother Balraj joined films. He wanted Yash to go to London to do engineering, but Yash got the world of films so much that he started working as an assistant director in his brother’s films for five hundred rupees a month.



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