Most smartphone users use Whatsapp in their phones for chatting. However, due to the high number of messages, storage problems also occur in the phone, due to which the phone starts to hang. In such a situation, people want to delete the oldest message too, but are unable to do it. However, now such a simple trick has come, through which now any old message can be deleted easily.

You can delete the message in this way, now if you want to delete the old message for everyone, then first stop the internet in your phone. Now go to Settings and click on App. After going to the app, click on WhatsApp. Here, there will be an option of Force Stop below, click on it. On Whatsapp, note the date and time of the message to be deleted.

Changes have to be made in the settings, go to Settings again and click on the Date and time option. Turn off the Use Network Provided Time Zone, Time Zone or Automatic Date and time options shown here. Now set the date of that message here again. Enter the date on which the message was sent. Similarly set the time slightly ahead. Now open Whatsapp. The message will appear there. Now you long press it to delete it. You will also see the option of ‘DELETE FOR EVERYONE’ along with ‘DELETE FOR ME’. Now we can delete it.

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This is how you can recover old deleted messages, on the other hand if you have deleted any message, to get it back, you must first backup it on Google Drive. After that uninstall Whatsapp from your mobile and install it again from Play Store. After this, open Whatsapp and enter your number in it and verify it. Now the option to recover data from Google Drive will pop up on your screen, click on it. After this the process will be completed, then click on Next. Now you will see that your chat is recovered and now the media is also recovering.



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