Wheezing Causes Symptoms And Treatment
Wheezing Causes Symptoms And Treatment

A slight negligence towards health can lead to illness. Commonly occurring cold-cough problems can also lead to a number of physical problems, including wheezing. Wheezing is a throat problem. In general, it can be treated, but ignoring it may promote other risks. This article in Stylecrase will explain the causes of wheezing, symptoms of wheezing and treatment for wheezing. The home remedies described in this article can correct the problem of wheezing to some extent. At the same time, getting medical treatment in critical condition is also necessary.

Measures to avoid wheezing – Prevention Tips for Wheezing

Come, now we know what is wheezing?

What is Wheezing – What is Wheezing?

Wheezing is a condition when a slight whistle-like sound comes out of the throat during breathing. It occurs when air passes through the compressed airways in the lungs (1) . This is a symptom that indicates that the person is having trouble breathing. This voice can be heard while exhaling. Also, this sound can be heard while breathing.

Let us now know what may be the causes of wheezing.

Causes of Wheezing

The problem of wheezing can occur mainly in people with asthma (2) . In addition, other causes of wheezing are described below in a sequential manner (1) .

  • Getting stuck in the lungs during breathing.
  • Widening and damage of the large airways of the lungs.
  • Inflammation and formation of mucus in the smallest airways in the lungs.
  • Inflammation and mucus in the air passage to the lungs.
  • Wheezing due to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. COPD is a lung disease. This is especially the case when there is an infection in the respiratory system.
  • Acid reflux disease means due to a disorder in the pipe that carries food to the stomach.
  • Causes of heart failure (cardiac asthma).
  • Due to allergies caused by an insect bite.
  • Due to some drugs such as aspirin.
  • Lung infection such as pneumonia.
  • Causes of smoking.
  • Causes of viral infection, especially in children under 2 years of age.
  • Caused by carcinoid cancer (a cancer occurring in the lungs).
  • Causes of Vocal Cord Dysfunction. The throat is abnormally shrunken.
  • Due to excess mucus.

In this part of the article, know what can be the symptoms of wheezing?

Symptoms of Wheezing

The symptoms of wheezing can be easily understood. As you have already mentioned above, when a person breathes in a wheezing condition, a whistling sound comes out of his throat, which can be recognized as a symptom of wheezing (1) . In addition, noisy chest can also be considered a symptom of wheezing (3) . The sound coming from the chest during breathing is called noisy chest. Therefore, if you feel any kind of voice or discomfort while breathing, contact the doctor immediately. Further scientific studies are needed to identify its other symptoms.

Let us now know what the risk factors of wheezing can be.

Risk factors of wheezing – risk factors of wheezing

Risk factors for wheezing can be as follows (4) :

  • Genetically caused by asthma or atopy. Allergies arising due to genetic defects are called atopy.
  • Eczema occurring in childhood.
  • Allergic Rhinitis, in which there is swelling in the nose.
  • Allergic sensitivity. It feels prickling in the skin.
  • Causes of viral infection.
  • Viral infection in the respiratory system.
  • Rhinovirus is an infection that aggravates sore throat and cold-like conditions.
  • Smoking during pregnancy and passive smoking. The smoke that you get while smoking cigarettes, which a non-cigarette person gets through the air, is called passive smoking (5)

In this part of the article, information about the treatment of wheezing is being given.

Treatment of wheezing

Treatment for wheezing includes various types. Any treatment described below can be used on the advice of a doctor.

  • With Symbicort – Through medications such as Symbicort, wheezing can help in the treatment of asthma and COPD as well as its cause. This medicine is inhaled (6) . People with allergies are advised not to use it. Use it only after medical consultation.
  • Asthma the right by – wheezing is asthma is considered an important reason for (2) . Therefore, medical treatment can be resorted to to cure asthma. Inflammation in the air passage to the lungs can be reduced through medical treatment and the treatment procedure recommended by doctors. This may help in treating wheezing (7) .
  • Under medical supervision – wheezing can be caused by many causes (asthma, viral infections etc.) (1) . In such a situation, contact the doctor to know the exact reason. After this, wheezing can be treated through the guidelines and medicines given by the doctor for the treatment of wheezing.

Note – Do not use any of these procedures by yourself, but first consult a doctor.

In this part of the article, know what measures can be adopted to avoid wheezing.

Measures to avoid wheezing – Prevention Tips for Wheezing

The following home remedies can be adopted to avoid wheezing.

1. Drink Hot Liquids

The problem of wheezing can also be avoided by drinking hot liquids. Drinking hot fluids can relieve mucus and throat pain and runny nose. Mucus is also a cause of wheezing as we mentioned above (1) . Therefore, by eliminating the mucus problem with a hot drink, it can help to avoid wheezing (8) . For this, you can also use hot water for drinking. Be sure to consult a doctor about other hot liquids to drink.

2. Quit Smoking

As mentioned above, the causes of wheezing include smoking (1) . Therefore, avoid smoking. According to a report released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, secondhand smoke / passive smoking increases the risk of asthma in children (9) . For this reason, wheezing problem can also occur in children. Therefore, keep children away from secondhand smoke.

3. Avoid inhaling in humid air

Some molds (fungus) are found in the humid air, which are a kind of microbe. They mostly thrive and exist in humid air. When these molds go in through the breath, it can increase the risk of asthma and may cause wheezing. Therefore, to avoid this condition, keep the level of home humidity between 35-50% (1) , (10) . This is possible through the air conditioner. Also, prevent water leakage behind the walls of the house, as they can cause mold.

4. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Consuming more fruits and vegetables can help to cure asthma and COPD (due to wheezing). This can reduce the risk of wheezing by several times (11) . However, it is advisable to consult the dietician about which vegetables and fruits would be appropriate to consume.

5. Do not exercise in cold and dry weather

Wheezing can also be avoided by not exercising in cold and dry weather. Indeed, according to a report released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, breathing cold and dry air may increase the risk of asthma, which can cause wheezing (12) , (1) . While exercising, the speed of breathing increases anyway. Therefore, avoid exercising in such a place.

We hope that after knowing the causes, symptoms and prevention of wheezing, you will not have to face much problem about avoiding and treating this problem. At the same time, if the problem has increased more, then contact the doctor as soon as possible. Also follow the rescue tips mentioned in the article. For any information related to wheezing or its treatment, you can send your questions to us by writing in the comment box below. We look forward to your response.


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