Lok Janshakti Party leader Chirag Paswan has said in an interview with NDTV that I am Hanuman of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, if you see my chest ripped, you will get the picture of Modi ji. Chirag says that if he was not allowed to put a picture of the Prime Minister in the poster, then what happened is the Prime Minister is in his heart. Chirag has opened his cards slowly, even when BJP leaders are calling him a vote cut. There is no visible reverence in the heart of Chirag for Nitish Kumar, something similar can be said about Nitish Kumar. Chirag made it clear that he has been saddened by the statement of BJP leaders, but he knows that this statement is being made by Nitish Kumar. But it also made it clear that they will form a government in Bihar with the BJP. Chirag says that Nitish Kumar is more in need of the Prime Minister’s photo because he is feeling insecure.

Chirag Paswan also mentioned the incident when Ram Vilas Paswan’s body reached Patna Airport and how Nitish Kumar showed disregard to him there. Chirag says that political malice becomes so much that we put personal relations and good manners aside. The Chief Minister has not said a word about me or a single word since meeting my father. On the other hand, the day the Prime Minister died, the father called him at night, came to my house, kept his hand on my shoulder and comforted me for a long time. His words still resonate in my ears today. On the other hand, when I see the Chief Minister, I met him thrice. I bowed to him at Patna Airport and he did not even reply and all these pictures will also be in your camera because the media was there. Not even once did he put a hand on my shoulder and said that everything will be alright. But never mind I have no resentment but there was an expectation that because he was a friend of Papa but never mind, he did not. These words belong to Chirag Paswan.

Even before this, Chirag Paswan and Ram Vilas Paswan themselves have said in an interview with me that they do not come on the phone line after calling Nitish Kumar. Yes, Chirag Paswan once spoke to Nitish Kumar when he wrote a letter to the Chief Minister of Bihar in the Sushant Singh Rajput case. Even before that Chirag Paswan has criticized Nitish Kumar on issues like not bringing students from Kota to Bihar or returning home to laborers. Chirag Paswan also made it clear that this is not the first time that NDA constituents are fighting against each other, Nitish Kumar himself or, say, JDU, has contested against BJP in Gujarat and Jharkhand. Chirag also says that during the Lok Sabha elections, JDU leaders in Jamui, Hajipur, Vaishali and Nawada were opposing us and Papa had to call Nitish Kumar.

In the tickets that Chirag Paswan has distributed, he has distributed tickets to Bhumihars and Dalits along with Brahmins. Nearly 20 percent of the women were given tickets to the people coming from BJP and JDU. Most candidates are below 40 years of age and Chirag Paswan has given the slogan Nitish Kumar impossible .. After the elections it will also be a matter to see whether Modi gives Chirag Paswan a place in his cabinet. And whether the BJP and JDU give their support for Ram Vilas Paswan’s vacant Rajya Sabha seat or not. Apart from all this, one thing is certain, Chirag Paswan has made the monotonous election in Bihar interesting and it is to be seen whose this person who calls himself Hanuman of Modi, sets fire in Lanka or burns his tail.



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