Do not take part in the debate about ratings. Listen closely and see who is saying what. Those who are accused of spreading fake news and hate are issuing the same statement that they will not allow it. If the rating agency has to postpone the rating for 12 weeks, then what will be gained from this? Bark came when Tam became infamous. If Bark is maligned, postpone, some new drama of credibility will be played. Since the credibility of this media has been found in cow dung, this is why all this game is being done so that it can be said with some good humor that the old mess is over. Everything is fine now

As a viewer, keep an eye on the content being shown above the channel. See if there is really any journalism in it, did you really know about anything. Those who are being accused of devotion and bhajan of the government are trying to become saints on the pretext of targeting a channel. It should not happen.

Journalism has come to an end with news channels. Do not bring a few exceptions in this debate. The crisis of the news channels is not only that the four anchors are in danger. The entire network of news and their understanding has been demolished. The network to search for information has been terminated. There is no improvement in all these things. The channels have surface information. Understand this In very few channels, you will see that any scheme of the ministry is being investigated. Such reports should be brought so that the ministry can be alerted. This thing is now applicable on 100 percent news channels. It is a different matter that sometimes someone brings news.

Bark rating will not come for 12 weeks. This has happened before also. it’s not a big deal. What will happen if the BARC rating comes after 12 weeks. Don’t think that the crisis of channels is only due to BARC rating or TRP. TRP is one of the reasons, but the decline in content from the presentation of the channels is political. Is propaganda.

Think of this as such. The credibility of the media is gone. For whose image the credibility of the media has been destroyed, now their image is not benefiting from this media. The public has also started saying that the channel worshiper praises the government. So now there will be a new game for a few days. A game of restoring media credibility. There will be talk of new system in this game, there will be talk of new rules, but the game will be the same.

The BARC organization releases news channels. Earlier, there was an organization called TAM. The departure of the first and the arrival of the second did not even matter. But when Bark’s system came after TAM, a drama of trust was played on it for many years so that the game could be played under the guise of reliability. Propaganda is possible.

The amazing thing is that the channels which are accused of spreading fake news to propaganda are saying that we will not allow fake news and propaganda. It seems that they are doing journalism till tomorrow. Understand this new trick of dock media. He is still not doing journalism but is setting up his game on the pretext of playing a channel in the ratings game. That is bad, the rest are fine. However, it is not like that. It is bad, the rest is bad.

Journalism on news channels is over. There is a team of reporters for journalism. Reporting is budgeted. Time to show the report. There is no place for reports in the evening on many channels. Debates occur. There is no cost in debit. For this, the channel does not have to prepare a team of journalists. When there will be no reporter, there will be no story, then what will be the debate. There will be a debate on the statements. On useless statements. About some events. The collection of new information has been reduced. Closed at many places.

The routine is coverage. Like Bihar elections. See election reporting of Bihar. By extracting the document, the report examining the government schemes will not be on TV. All teams have gone in the last round. What is she doing She is talking to people on her way. People are speaking something from their memory and if they are good at speaking, then there is a freshness in their words. But journalism is not searching for news. Not bringing information out. The information which is coming out of the mouths of the leaders is being roamed and the reaction is being taken.

With this, you do not know much as an audience. One should talk to the common people about the plan, but the team of any channel itself should investigate how Nitish’s claim on the null-water scheme is correct. Which people have got tender Where money was eaten and where it was planted. A video of a sting will come in its place and a few weeks will come out in that.

Hope you understand this game. In my opinion, you have not seen the news channel. If you are watching, then you become a strict audience. While watching, evaluate whether this news or debate is based on the standards of journalism. Or by putting all the blame on the rating, the propaganda of the government is on again. This has also caused embarrassment to the government. The game will be the same, the rules are changing. You will be the same. So be careful.



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