America is soon going to elect its next President and one of the traditions that keeps an eye on it is the Presidential Debate – Debate between two presidential candidates. This debate is not under any law but is a tradition started in 1976. Michael S. McKinney, professor of communications at the University of Missouri, states that the first such debates actually took place in 1960 between Richard Nixon and John Kennedy. Nixon later lost the election and felt that he lost because of standing and debating with Kennedy. He refused to debate in 1968, 1972. In fact, the tradition of this debate started in 1976 itself. We saw the first debate on 29 September 2020 between President Donald Trump and his rival Joe Biden. Already, violence has taken place in many states of America. According to experts, President Trump’s statements, His tweets have done more to distribute the people and people have already decided whether they will vote for Republicans or Democrats. Nevertheless, a large number of people have seen these traditional debates, then the question arises whether Nixon was right? Do voters really change their opinion by debating presidential candidates between the two candidates?

Professor Mitchell S. McKinney says that according to a study by his university, of the debates where even 90% of the voters come, only five percent of the voters are those who have not already decided who to vote for. Only 2-3 per cent of these five are those who decide on whom to vote based on the debate. Then what is the meaning of such a debate… There is a continuous talk about the first debate of Trump-Biden. It is being compared to the earlier debates and it is being said that the last time the debates filled with such personal attacks were seen between Trump and Hillary Clinton.

This time Trump trumped up about Biden’s son Hunter’s drug addiction, questioned his lackluster rallies, mocked his 506th in a 688-class class at Delaware University and repeatedly interrupted him. After this, Biden called Trump to be ‘shut up’, ‘joker’, ‘most useless president’ and ‘racist’. After the debate, many US citizens raised the question on social media, what is the benefit of seeing such a debate] but experts believe that it is also true that these debates made through the US Debate Commission gave the candidates a chance on the main issues. You get a chance to ask questions, to know their opinions. There are now two more presidential debates for this election – on October 15 in Miami, Florida, and on October 22 in Nashville, Tennessee.



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